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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. NC State

You started drinking on Thursday, so just keep going

UK Government Advises Public To Avoid The Theatre, Pubs and The Office Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty images

The Syracuse Orange return to the field this Saturday, letting you replace arguing with your relatives over Facetime about politics to arguing with your relatives over Facetime about how bad SU has been this season. Next up on the schedule are the N.C. State Wolfpack, who have managed to go a surprising 6-3, beat Liberty last week and have generally had a much better fall than we have.

Whether you’re drinking before, during or after this game, we’ve provided some local and not-so-local beer recommendations below. Fair warning in advance: You won’t be able to acquire at least one of these.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: WT Brews Tiramisu Imperial Stout

A smaller shop in Baldwinsville, with a second taproom now open in Seneca Falls, WT is a great spot to hit for a pint and some food. They currently have some 22 oz. bottles that they’ve been releasing in limited batches, one of which the Tiramisu Imperial Stout. Clocking in at 10% and actual ladyfingers in the mash, this boozy malty lactose bomb is conditioned on vanilla and espresso beans to finish off the pastry-ness. You may need the extra ABV this Saturday, but if you don’t, they also have some solid IPAs and their peanut butter porter that is on tap is a treat.

NC State Area Beer Pick: Crank Arm Rickshaw

Rye IPAs aren’t all that common, yet Raleigh’s Crank Arm Brewing has made it a flagship beer. Instead of something that’s very hop-forward, it’s a malty beverage that’s sweet and spicy while leaning into the characteristics the rye brings to the table; so it’s almost a bit peppery and grainy instead of an incredibly smooth IPA. Citrus flavors are still there, but it’s a side note to a resin-y finish. It’s an interesting and non-traditional way to brew an IPA, but one that does (uniquely) work here.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Brouwerij West Bounce

Down in San Pedro, Brouwerij West has ramped up IPA production in recent years. And while most of their well-distributed brews are hazy, they do make some West Coast options including Bounce, which pays homage to some of the original California IPAs. Showcasing citra, mosaic, and centennial hops, it’s an enjoyable and tropical example of the style with just the right amount of bitterness. If you’re enjoying it, be sure to drink as fresh as possible to get the most out of its bright and clean flavor profile.


How about you? What’s on tap for Saturday’s game?