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Syracuse vs. NC State: TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

Sure, you’re probably predicting a loss. But what FLAVOR of loss?

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Whether you like it or not, the Syracuse Orange football season continues on this Saturday. And if you weren’t already sick enough from eating too much food on Thanksgiving, another game should do the job.

SU’s currently 1-8 without much hope left to avoid a 1-10 campaign. Meanwhile, our next opponent — the N.C. State Wolfpack — are a surprising 6-3 on the year and seem poised to grab win No. 7 at the Dome.

Before things kick off at noon ET (on the ACC Network, of course), what does the TNIAAM crew expect to see in this game?


NC State 38, Syracuse 7

I’ve lost hope at this point, which is a testament to how much I’d tricked myself into having before. Syracuse has a chance to make this closer by way of turnovers (and a turnover-prone QB in NC State’s Bailey Hockman). But without any sort of offensive gameplan, there’s little chance here to speak of. Maybe it’s a touchdown in garbage time, but I expect SU to score once here. Just not anywhere near enough to matter.


NC State 33, Syracuse 3

I resisted the temptation to just repeat my prediction from last week’s game, but like John all the hope from this season is gone. The offensive line problems are just too much to overcome at this point, no matter what quarterback trots out for the Orange. Add on a severe lack of versatility and creativity from the offensive play-calling and a run defense that won’t get better any time soon and Syracuse is looking at a long offseason where a lot of questions need to be answered quickly.


NC State 31, Syracuse 13

It feels like the Orange might have Rex Culpepper back under center and I think he’s got one deep pass in him this week. Other than that it is hard to imagine Syracuse can muster any sort of consistent offense to keep this one close. I think the Wolfpack will be content to run the ball and not risk too many turnovers as they get in and out of town with a comfortable win.


NC State 28, Syracuse 10

I’m predicting that Szmyt happens and maybe the offense gets something on a break? By all signs, we’re looking like this is going to be the standard, defense keeps Syracuse in it longer than the Orange deserve, but ultimately fails and gives up some points. I think they should be able to turn Hockman over, and if there’s a chance the offense under either Rex Culpepper or second true freshman offering Dillon Markewicz, gets something going, they could make it close, but I’m not holding my breath at this point, with no one at the helm of an offensive plan for the Orange.

Now it’s your turn...


Who will win the Syracuse vs. NC State game?

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  • 19%
    Syracuse, and at least we got a second win
    (23 votes)
  • 80%
    NC State, and welp, back to leaf raking/snow shoveling
    (98 votes)
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