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Grab All Your Syracuse Orange Holiday Gear at Homefield Apparel (Sponsored)

‘Twas the Night before ‘Cusemas...

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The following is part of a paid agreement with Homefield Apparel.

‘Twas the Night before ‘Cusemas when all through the Ottoman Empire,

Not a shooter was stirring, not even Keith Effin Smart.

But in a darker corner, nervously beer sipping,

Was this ‘Cuse writer, attempting some last minute holiday shopping.

What to get Uncle Edgar or Cousin John?

They have such bad taste, both went to UConn!

When up on the roof arose such a clatter,

I jumped from my chair to see what was the matter!

As I opened the door to see who it could be,

I was astonished to see it was a man in a really comfortable looking Indiana Tee!

His nametag read “CONNOR,” and slung over his shoulder

Was a bag full of hoodies, t-shirts, and joggers!

“We have every team you could imagine,” the man boast

“We even have your favorite Vita the Goat!”

The holidays were saved from my procrastination,

I had to spread the word to the rest of Orange Nation!

Use the code BFNUNES and you’ll get 30% off your entire order, even if you need to buy that UConn or Indiana family member something because your significant other says you have to acknowledge their existence.

You can shop Homefield’s entire Syracuse collection HERE.

Happy Holidays, and spread good tidings and insanely comfortable clothes this season!