Football question with a poll (or three)

Just wanted to get a sense of what people think about this.

First, if you had to choose one of these two (and only one), which would you choose:

  • Dino Babers as head coach for 2021
  • Doug Marrone as head coach for 2021
#1 Who and why?

#2 If you could be certain that Marrone would coach until at least 2024, would that change your vote?

#3 What would you have voted in August 2019 with the same basic question--who is the better coach for Syracuse?

#1 My answer is that I think Doug Marrone is a better coach than Dino. 10-3 was nice, but 8-5 in 2012 was just as good given the schedule. Marrone got us competitive quicker than Dino did--bowl game in 2 years. I tend to think that whatever record Dino will put up in 2021, Marrone could do the same.

#2. Marrone though 2024 would only further cement that.

#3. In August 2019, I probably would have said Dino, as it looked like he was building something better.

The one caveat is that Marrone did not show that he could win at Syracuse with anyone other than Nassib. However, given that Shafer got us to a bowl in 2013, I tend to think Marrone could have done the same and likely would have.

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