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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Louisville

Is this another game we need to drink away? Or are we going to be enjoying a few beers during/after this one?

BrauBeviale - Craft Beer Photo by Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange are back in action on Friday night, and that means you, dread and a beer can curl up on the couch right from opening kickoff. In the other corner is the home team, the Louisville Cardinals. While things aren’t as bad off for them as they are for SU, U of L fans certainly didn’t see 2-6 coming either when this season began. So we’re among friends.

Whether you’re drinking before, during or after this game begins, we’ve provided some local and not-so-local beer recommendations below. Fair warning in advance: You won’t be able to acquire at least one of these.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Good Nature Brewing Annie DIPA

Always a solid standby, Good Nature has been around since 2012, over in Madison County. Annie is their DIPA that set the standard years ago and it still holds up. You used to have to seek this out in bottled offerings at the brewery in the dark times. Now, you can find it canned at most local spots. The citrus heavy lemon and grapefruit notes on the palate combined with a not overly thick mouthfeel add up to a desirable combination of refreshing. It’s supposed to be warm today in CNY, so grab up a four pack and enjoy.

Louisville Area Beer Pick: 3rd Turn Double Haze Porter

No, this is not some “hazy porter” Frankenstein of a beer. Instead, it’s a hazelnut forward Baltic porter that’s loaded with rich, robust coffee notes. There’s vanilla on the backend too for a smooth and balanced drink. 3rd Turn makes a wide variety of styles, and hits all of the obligatory notes you’d expect of nearly any brewery today. However, it’s this warm and nutty selection that seems to rise to the top — especially given how cold weather’s setting in around the country.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Dry River Lady Roja

You’ll find a pretty impressive collection of great beer and food along the L.A. River, and one of those spots includes Dry River Brewing. Focused primarily on wild ales, Dry River cranks out a steady collection of unique releases throughout the year with various adjunct flavors from fruit to wine barrels, vanilla, chicory and more. Lady Roja is among the simpler selections, though (and not in a bad way). The saison uses red wheat to help with its interesting color, plus toasted barley, hibiscus, tamarindo and sea salt. It’s refreshing, tart and light, yet still announces its flavors.


How about you? What’s on tap for tonight’s game?