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TNIAAM talks to all-time Orange great John Wallace

Continuing the series, James has a one on one with the legend.

John Wallace Enjoys An Oncourt Moment Photo by Bob Stowell/Getty Images

This week we got the opportunity to speak again with a pillar of the Syracuse Orange community and Syracuse basketball legend, John Wallace. As you all know, Wallace was a forward for the Orange from 1992-1996, capping his career off helping bring Syracuse one of the most impressive runs to the title game in modern history. After his career, Jim Boeheim dubbed him the “Most important recruit in Syracuse history,” starting the modern era of hoops after the NCAA sanctions from the early 1990s.

John is also launching his new podcast “Power Forward with John Wallace,” which will be debuting on SportsCastr this week. He sat down with James Szuba to talk hoops and Syracuse history. Over the course of the interview, they touched on:

  • His upcoming podcast “Power Forward”
  • How he got to campus and the legend of 44
  • Season by season breakdowns of the NCAA tournament runs
  • Behind the scenes of the Georgia game in 1996
  • The origins of “Cuse is in the House”
  • Some unknown tales of that Final Four run
  • A Boeheim story you won’t want to miss
  • Ardent defending of the 1996 draft class as the best of all time (hard to argue against when you look at it).

And much more in the interview, which you can check out below: