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The Official Jim Boeheim Jacket Toss Tracker™ toss test

No shirt and tie, no problem.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 03 Syracuse at Boston College Photo by Mark Box/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week we broke down the news that ACC Men’s Basketball coaches had agreed to wear polos on the sidelines for the 2020-21 season. We suggested some alternatives which could still allow for the strategic Jim Boeheim jacket toss. Critics and skeptics scoffed at the idea so we went back to headquarters and put our research team to work. Syracuse Orange fans want to make sure the jacket toss powers remain relevant this season.

The results were a series of wardrobe options which were graded 1-11 on four factors: Fashion, Comfort, Tossability and Glass Protection. Note that glasses were not worn during these tests because our budget’s been cut and replacement lenses aren’t covered by TNIAAM’s vision plan. Let’s see what the numbers tell us.

Jacket over Polo

Our first test was the standard sports coat over the polo. If we want to truly keep the power of the jacket toss, this has to be one of the options considered.

Fashion: 7 This is the look you get when you go to have lunch in the clubhouse after playing 36 and they enforce the “Jacket required” rule.

Comfort: 4 No one is comfortable getting up and down for 40 minutes in a sports coat.

Tossability: 10 There is no substitute for familiarity.Jim’s got this down pat. Docked.a point because tossing expensive sports coats isn’t a practical idea.

Glass Protection:9 Sure you get catch your sleeve on the lens if you aren’t careful but it would be hard to do.

Total: 30/44

!/4 Zip

Casual Jim’s a big proponent of the 14 zip. It’s comfortable and casual and if it’s good enough for Jim Nantz and Larry David to wear it’s fine for basketball games.

Fashion: 10 The 14 zip is versatile. I mean this look is good to go from pregame hot dogs at Heids right on through to a post-game meal at Joey’s.

Comfort: 11 With the new roof and potentially no fans the Stadium must be a little cooler this winter. No need to worry when you’ve got one of these on.

Tossability: 4 You certainly sacrifice the toss for the comfort and you’ll have to be sure not to have it zipped up or else...

Glass Protection: 2 Look in the heat of a game you can’t worry about something like a zipper position. If it’s up and you want to get this off quickly it’s not going to be a good look.

Total: 27/44

Sweater Vest

If Jim decided to do this he’d coordinate on the bench with Brad Pike so we wanted to run the numbers.

Fashion: 2 This number was going to be 11 but the staff here said no way in hell can you call a sweater vest over a polo a good look.

Comfort: 9 You can knock the look, but you have to admit that it’s a comfortable look to have no sleeves. Very easy to wave your arms at the officials. Why do you think Belichick cuts his hoodies like that?

Tossability: 10 The sweater vest can be quickly rolled up in a ball which allows you to go for distance or sound as you slam it on the scorer’s table.

Glass Protection: 5 The v-neck, lack of sleeves and wearing it untucked means it’s pretty easy to get up and over but the speed can throw you off and lead to an unfortunate accident.

Total: 26/44

Double Polo

We weren’t going to include this but research demanded we give it a shot so this one’s for you Pauly D.

Fashion: 1 Pretty sure we couldn’t get Jim to do this for less than a six-figure donation to the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation.

Comfort: 2 Two polos are fine when you’re a scrawny 15 year old kid or one of the Hurleys.

Tossability: 10 A Dri-Fit polo is going to get good distance on any toss.

Glass Protection: 1 Trying to yank a tucked in polo out of your pants and pulling it over your head while wearing glasses is a bad idea

Total: 15/44

Numbers don’t lie. The jacket still holds onto the top spot here followed by the 14 zip. You can put fashion aside and stick to tradition. Winning trumps everything.