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Eric Devendorf talks to TNIAAM about launching ‘The Scorer’s Table’ podcast

Former Syracuse guard Eric Devendorf has launched a new podcast which will feature former Orange players as guests.

Connecticut v Syracuse Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

For those that might’ve missed it, former Syracuse Orange men’s basketball player Eric Devendorf has launched a new podcast. Dubbed “The Scorer’s Table” under the Field of 68 Network — a new media venture launched by Rob Dauster and Jeff Goodman — Devendorf plans to have former Syracuse players, coaches and other staff members on to talk Orange hoops.

Devendorf still plays with Boeheim’s Army in the summer and has been an integral part of the Syracuse community, training and developing youth basketball players in the area while also running charitable events.

But the podcast is something new that Orange fans are already looking forward to. We talked with Devendorf about how this got started and what to expect going forward.

James Szuba: So how did the podcast come about?

Eric Devendorf: Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster reached out to me about doing a Syracuse themed podcast. They broke down what the network was and who was involved and what they were trying to do. I was intrigued definitely and that’s really how it started and how I got involved.

JS: Why the name ‘The Scorer’s Table’?

ED: Rob actually came up with it. Right away I was like yeah without a doubt he did the logo and it just fit perfectly. People how been commenting on the name and logo saying how much they like it. So Rob is the one who made that happen.

JS: You’ve always been accessible and amicable with media, but have you ever had a desire to be involved yourself?

ED: Never really thought about being in media, I just love the game and it’s easy to talk a lot for me. I enjoy talking about old hoop stories especially with old teammates. So it’s more me just having conversations with my teammates and friends.

JS: What are you looking to accomplish with the podcast?

ED: I’m just having fun with it. I hope it can bring some entertainment for people. Talking about things people may have not known about some of their favorite Cuse players and coaches.

JS: You had Jim Boeheim on as your first guest. Did you learn anything about him that you didn’t know prior?

ED: Some of the stories he told were pretty cool I haven’t heard of of those. The player stories those were fun. It was a great conversation I thought.

JS: Are there any lessons you learned from him as a player that you still apply to life today?

ED: Patience and not letting your emotions take over. He really was always calm under pressure. I learned that from him dealing with a lot of different pressure situations. He was always the same.

JS: What do you make of his longevity? What impact has that had on you and former Syracuse basketball players, new and old?

ED: It’s awesome that all the players can have the same coach and share all those stories about him from over time. Most schools can’t do that at all. Syracuse is different and Coach is the leader. He means a lot to the community and program. It’s a pretty special program.

JS: I’d be remiss not to ask your opinion on the upcoming season. What do you think of the 2020-21 team?

ED: I have heard good things. Like coach said everyone has got better. Alan (Griffin) comes in brings another guy who can really score and has that experience. Some talented young guys coming in. Richmond can be special at the 1. Buddy and Joe will be stepping up. They will always compete, looking forward to seeing them all this year.

JS: At the end of your conversation with Boeheim he jokes that he might be around five years from now. Some seem to think he’ll step away once Buddy graduates. Do you think he intends to continue coaching beyond that?

ED: I think coach will do what he wants and if he feels good he will continue to coach for awhile.

JS: What guests do you have planned next?

ED: We are going to have a lot of Cuse greats. Stay tuned for that!

JS: How frequent will you produce episodes and what’s the best way for fans to listen?

ED: I’m going to try and get out as many episodes as I can keep it going. We will see. The podcast is on both apple and Spotify. Just search my name and The Scorer’s Table and subscribe!


Thanks to Devendorf for taking the time answering these questions.

Have you already listened? Drop a comment below and let us know.