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Syracuse depth chart shows little change for Clemson week

As you can imagine, we get another dose of what we’ve seen.

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

After a week against the Liberty Flames where things went suboptimally, the Syracuse Orange are back in action against the Clemson Tigers this weekend. They may have some new blood available, but it won’t be referenced here in the newly released depth chart.

The biggest changes of note are the addition of Cooper Lutz to the running back depth chart, sharing the OR designation with Markenzy Pierre. The two both saw carries last week against Liberty, and Dino had some kind words for Lutz in subsequent pressers. Also on the docket at the running back spot, or within the slot receiver corps is Trebor Pena. While not listed, Pena saw run this week in that flex-back type role.

The other main change of note is Tyrell Richards’ return to the depth chart. He is back in action with the three way OR label between himself, Stefon Thompson and Steve Linton. Linton was out last week, but when listed and healthy, all three of the linebackers have seen significant playing time on the year so far.

Also of note is that Pat Davis is still listed as the backup guard in both positions. He hasn’t been available for either of the last two, possibly three contests and hasn’t played since North Carolina. Josh Ilaoa has been filling in that role on the field, getting snaps against Georgia Tech backing up Darius Tisdale.

The game against Clemson brings its’ own challenges to the squad, and we’ll see what what product shown on the field is and how it compares to what we have here on paper.