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This week’s TNIAAM ACC predictions

Being different proved useful last week, will that happen for someone else on Saturday

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you can’t get enough of our Syracuse Orange predictions the TNIAAM staff will be competing against one another to see who can do the best job with ACC predictions the rest of the way. We’re partnering with Tallysight to make and track our picks so let’s go back and see how we did last week

Sometimes it pays off to be the outlier and last week was the case for me thanks to Pat Narduzzi. So let’s see if this two-game lead holds with this week’s predictions:

Thought we’d all be loyal idiots again this week but Andy pulls a #NotSoFast on us with the Liberty pick and honestly we’re going to have to call a meeting about that one. John’s back from his time off and looking to stake his claim to the top spot (we’ll go by win percentage) and this week sees a little more variation than last week.

Toss your picks in the comments and compete against us for some NunesBucks*

*After receiving a notice from the Canadian consulate we inform you that the contest is now only open to all residents of Hamilton County