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‘Are you there, Troy? It’s me, Facebook’: New year, new me

Hopefully we can leave most of these in the last decade, where they belong(?)

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been awhile since we checked in on TNIAAM’s Facebook page. And since it’s a slow news day and you asked for this, you’re going to get it.

Going all the way back to late November, things have been rough for Syracuse sports, and the denizens of this unique Orange fan community had no problem expressing their frustrations in various forms. Rather than go into the game-by-game aspects, I think we can place most comments into a handful of buckets, which I’ve spelled out below.

Though I typically avoid even looking over there for the sake of my own sanity, I’ve again plunged my hand into the filth to come up with some of the Facebook page’s best work — all for your enjoyment. Unlike Dead Letters, which this inevitably takes some cues from, I’m not directly shaming the commenters here. And I’d ask that you avoid taking it upon yourself to do so too, please.

All typos are their own.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s just call it a day on Jim Boeheim and men’s basketball

Boeheim is completely done and has nothing left to offer please retire with some dignity!!!!

At least it’s a request.

Take aways are Jimmy needs to go.


All I saw was a Cuse team lose to a mediocre, depleted Notre Dame team. Bucks up folks. Going to be a long final season for Jimmy B.

His final season. You heard it here first.

yes. He’s a broken record who relies on a broken format. And because he refuses to change, he needs to be replaced.

Who’s the replacement? I’m honestly curious.

He doesn’t like when question is Zone then he should t question the fans

Actually, this one’s fair, once you decipher it.

He needs actual coaching. Something I’m not sure this staff knows how to do.

Potentially not wrong?

SU fans are looking for “anything” out of Jim Boeheim!


Boeheim is completely done! At least we have Buddy though

Not a bad consolation prize.

We need more from our Coach.....he gotta go

What’s the “more” exactly? I’m open to ideas.

Jimmy gotta go. He fails to play and develop players! He can’t recruit, he can’t develop, he can’t run an offense, he can’t play more than 6 players because he can’t coach them. Been obvious for years......

Well then.

Jim Boeheim should’ve been gone 5 or 6 years ago. He forgot how to coach the offense.

There’s points on the offense. But he’s made the NCAA Tournament several times in the stretch described.

Half the team isn’t even from this country lol.

The reason we’re bad is blind jingoism. Good to know.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

And football too, apparently

Can’t we just make (Rocky Long) head coach? ... I would rather have his experience than what we currently have.

Any time you can fire a good coach in his 50s for a coach that’s almost 70, you have to do it.



Dump Dino?

For whom?

When we lose to Rutgers next year all is lost. And it will happen

Looking forward to it.

SMH. Prob was flunking out. Babers needs to go we are a joke.

This one was about Trishton Jackson’s NFL Draft decision, and is based on nothing. But, yeah, reasons.

We just need a QB now

Tommy DeVito’s a QB. Does he count?

Another mediocre commit...

Interesting comment about Damien Alford, who had better offers (from top P5 schools) than almost every other 2020 commit.

The bottom line is that Babers needs 8+ wins next season. If they can’t do that, he should be relieved of his duties.

Despite this being Syracuse football, the standard’s now eight wins. Plan accordingly.

It’s been 4 years under Babers and the program has gone backwards!I don’t know how anybody could be confident of the future!

Think it’s pretty clear the program’s in better shape to compete in the ACC than it was. And we can’t just pretend 2018 DIDN’T happen...

Time too clean house

I also complain about houses that are TOO clean.

He’s really done a good job but gimmicks and emotion can only take any team so far. At the end of the day, you need talent, 4 and 5 star players, especially in ACC

Very few teams get five-star talent, and SU won’t be one of them. Gimmicks — like an offense many teams in the country run — and emotion are worth running out of here, though, because that’s what’s stopping us from winning more.

Babers please just leave you filled the city with your inspired promises but what you have provided the city is just another shitty team on the field year after year

Yeah Dungey was the one who carried the team last season and it seems nobody cares now.

Basketball season has arrived so you can pack your bags and leave.

Good luck wherever you find yourself and SU was dumb enough to pay you.

Fuck this is our house

No it’s our house not your’s you were a guest and your presence is being asked to GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

That’s one way to express you want a coaching change. Have some bad news about basketball season for him, however...

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Referees are out to get us.

How dumb are some of the people on here making comments??? He was hit on the wrist and not allowed to land which means he was hit on the lower leg!!! Look at the game, refs were calling fouls at the end of the game last 6mins that were not being called for the Cuse! U want the same calls the other team is getting and we were not!!! And SU was home team! 90% of the time thats a foul unless its SU and than its 100% of the time

90% of the time, that’s a foul every time.

Get a better TV than Kevin (redacted). I saw the hit on the wrist and on the ankle!!!! My god! If you have been watching basketball for a long time than YOU KNOW THAT IS CALLED A FOUL 90% OF THE TIME FROM THE CHEAP SEATS!!!! I dnt care if it is a flop it is always called a foul!!! For a ref to see it is a flop but not the contact is even more bullshit!!! Again my point is that is always called EXCEPT for SU in the ACC!! For you to say watch the replay or there was no contact is as bad as the call. Go be a ref in the ACC than you fit right in

90% of the time, it’s always called. GET A BETTER TV THAN KEVIN.

ACC refs strike again. SU will never get a fair break so long as we stay in this wretched league.

We said the same about the Big East refs.

Smoke even coming for Coach Q

Yet another choke. Let Q recruit and someone else manage the game please!

Since this comment, SU’s done pretty well for themselves.

Choke. We need to change our name and start over.

Change our name? To what?

How to improve SU’s offense

by making some shots DUH !

Ummmmmm, make shots?????

Give Buddy some pine time

Forget it. Shoot basketball into the hoop you keep missing on instead.Your not making your shots go in.They do not go in the other team scores. Get better refs helps too .They favored VA .in that game.

Analytics this....

Just a collection of hits best enjoyed together.

And finally, #LOUDINTIMACY

Should have never left Big East.Football is a Div.1A at best.I can go watch JUCO teams put up more than 40-60 ppg.Bring back wrestling and the loud intimacy of Manley!


As always, thanks for reading.