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Syracuse basketball guard Brycen Goodine undergoes surgery for broken nose

The freshman guard had to have surgery for his broken nose after a collision in practice this week. He was later fitted for a custom mask.

Iowa v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Syracuse, N.Y. — Brycen Goodine doesn’t remember exactly when it happened, but during an intense four-on-four in Syracuse basketball practice earlier in the week, he knew he suffered a broken nose immediately after a collision with Elijah Hughes that would eventually require surgery.

Goodine said he was guarding Hughes and going up for a rebound when he caught an elbow in the face.

“I was guarding Elijah and he went up for a layup and then we both went for the rebound and he elbowed me in the face. ... We just both collided because we both jumped. He came down with the ball and I was obviously under him because I was guarding him,” Goodine said after the Notre Dame game.

After the contact, Goodine said his eyes starting watering immediately. When he went to get the injury looked at in the training room, he thought he had a runny nose only to find out it was blood. Goodine had to have his nose put back into place. Afterwards, he would undergo surgery to repair the broken nose.

“They put me to sleep and then put a needle in my nose and then use metal rods to fix it,” Goodine said.

The surgery took two hours and after the process was complete, he slept the rest of the day. Goodine returned to practice the following day, but two days after his surgery he woke up with a 100-degree fever.

On Saturday against Notre Dame, Goodine came out wearing a temporary mask. Prior to tip-off, TNIAAM was told that Goodine would not play against Notre Dame because he was sick.

Goodine was fitted for a custom mask, but that won’t arrive until Monday. After the swelling in Goodine’s face went down, he said the molding process for the mask only took about 10-20 minutes.

“Basically they put this material over my face, like liquid, and when it hardened it molded to my face,” He said.

Goodine said he doesn’t like the temporary mask as he has no peripheral vision. He believes the custom mask will allow for a better fit and for greater vision than the temporary one.

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