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‘Heim Time: Jim Boeheim doubtful his freshman forward will make a 3-pointer in his lifetime

It might happen some day

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim is very confident that Syracuse Orange men’s basketball forward Quincy Guerrier will make a 3-point shot some day. Boeheim is almost certain of that. He’s just doubtful it will occur in his lifetime.

Guerrier, a 3-21 shooter from beyond the arc this season, hasn’t made a shot from beyond 22 feet and 1 34 inches since the Notre Dame game on Jan. 4. He only takes one deep ball attempt per game, but he’s shooting a paltry 14.3 percent from outside.

Still, Guerrier has been more consistent overall in the new year. His practices have been better. Guerrier finished with 10 points and 8 rebounds against Pittsburgh on Saturday. All three of his offensive rebounds led to put-backs. But when asked what Syracuse got out of Guerrier against Pitt, Boeheim said he needs more.

“Not enough. He’s got to to do more,” Boeheim said. “He’s a good player. He’s got to get more. He’s got to do better.”

Boeheim continued by saying that Guerrier is still learning where to be defensively, while citing his lack of organized basketball experience. Boeheim didn’t stop there though, bringing up Guerrier’s two-for-two free throw effort at Notre Dame with 35 seconds left.

“I’m just glad he made the two free throws at Notre Dame. That might’ve been our miracle for the year,” Boeheim said.

The luck of the Irish! Maybe that miracle shooting can stretch to the 3-point line?

“I think he’s going to make a three some day. I’m not sure if it’s going to be in my lifetime, but he’s going to make one some day,” Boeheim finished.

Maybe one day. But the subtext reads for Guerrier to stop taking outside shots.

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