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#FakeNunes previews Syracuse vs. Notre Dame II: South Bend Smackdown

Girard vs. Hubb headlines the card.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team takes their 2020 ACC Revenge tour to South Bend on Wednesday night as they look to avenge their earlier home loss to the Battlin’ Breys.

Opponent: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Location: South Bend, Ind.

Students: 12,607 students who are going to regret chanting “Airball” at Buddy Boeheim

The 2019-20 Fake Nunes Equation of Tumult (#FNET)

You wanted something more ridiculous than RPI and the NCAA gave you NET. We give you more ridiculousness so we bring back the FNET metric.

Head Coach Bench Attire:

From the first game here’s Mike Brey trying to sell Boeheim on the benefits of #TeamNoTie. Even an award-winning salesman like Brey’s going to have trouble closing this deal.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

What if Jim Boeheim and Gerry McNamara switched suits for a game? Since it’s Suits and Sneakers Week this might the time to give it a try. Maybe get Boeheim to throw on some Melo’s to go with it? We’ll keep dreaming.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Advantage: Notre Dame but we admit we’d like to see Boeheim pull out the royal blue look for a game.

NBA 2K Playability:

Buddy Boeheim was “hotter than a pepper sprout” at Virginia Tech. Sounds good enough to us.

Advantage: Syracuse

Basketball Program Hashtag:

None vs #RunItBack

We still don’t know what the Irish are running back this season, do you?

Advantage: Syracuse

ACC Social Media Favorites:

It’s possible that John Mooney is approaching Bonzie Colson levels of love with the ACC media.

Advantage: Notre Dame

Boeheim Jacket Toss Meter

NCAA Basketball: North Florida at Syracuse Richard Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

5.1/10 The mid-week road game is one of the least likely times for us to get a jacket toss. This is a crucial game so tensions in the Joyce Center will be high and that means it’s a toss up for a toss.

Wrestling Theme Song for this game

The Celtic Warrior would probably make a good nickname for John Mooney although the mohawk might not go over well in the Joyce Center.


Notre Dame’s going to dominate the glass from the start of this one and they’ll focus on Hughes and Boeheim leaving Marek Dolezaj the opportunity to score early. It’ll be another close game down the stretch but Mooney grabs a late offensive rebound to give the Irish a two-point win and the series sweep.