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Who Should Narrate Each 2020 Syracuse Orange football hype video

Despite what you may think, narrowing down 12 names is hard work.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hype videos are great. We here at TNIAAM love them, and continue to praise SU and’s team for an increased video presence. They get fans excited and a good one gets watched over and over again.

The LSU Tigers not only know this, they perfected it. Their National Title video has been making waves, and naturally got us thinking: Why shouldn’t Cuse do this? We went through and did the hard work of planning out the narrators for the 2020 Syracuse Football season. You’re welcome.

@Clemson Tigers - Mike Tirico

The worst kept secret is that the Orange will travel to Death Valley to play in 2020’s ACC opener, so we have the unique challenge of picking a voice that lends to the importance of the game and sets the tone for the season. I think Tirico is perfect because it’s an expected choice, and he’s still one of the best in the business.

@Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Tom Coughlin

The man’s best coaching came in New Jersey, in the market Rutgers calls home. A great suggestion from Kevin, scripting Coughlin to take a shot at new Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano after the fiasco of the Bucs-Giants game would be peak trolling.

Colgate Raiders - Post Malone

A cupcake home opener means that the vibe can be a little more light and good natured versus run through a wall intensity. I’m imagining either Sunflower or Congratulations with Baldwinsville native Malone talking about high energy around the new season and the smiling faces of Orange fans when hope for a bowl still exists.

@Western Michigan Broncos - Taye Diggs

In a sneaky important game for the Orange, get one of the stars of the CW’s All American and ‘Cuse alumnus Diggs to talk about the early road tested Orange and their need to take care of business. And after the first quarter of the season, we’ve established that these videos will be a solid mix of alumni and locally tied celebs.

@Pitt Panthers - Tim Green

Look, Syracuse has not done will in Pittsburgh in recent years. And let’s be real, a win against Pitt would go a long way to securing a bowl game. Let’s get the guy who was honored to great aplomb in the Dome last year to get everyone hyped for a crucial game on the schedule.

Celebrities Visit Univision’s “Despierta America” Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Liberty Flames - Jake Johnson

Part of these videos is to showcase famous people who like your school. Johnson’s breakout role had him play a ‘Cuse grad, and with this more than likely being the homecoming game, I think having everyone’s favorite semi-serious yet heartwarming friend do the voiceover is perfect.

Louisville Cardinals - Vanessa Williams

We heard her kill the anthem for the first ever Syracuse-Duke game, let’s let her kill a hype video for a big video that could very well end up as a Friday Night primetime game.

Florida State Seminoles - Marv Albert

In what’s more than likely the biggest game at the Dome this year, I want the guy with the biggest voice getting us all ready. The last time Florida State came to the Dome we got a great Dino speech. Intercut that and Marv for the best video of the season.

Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

@Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Cam Lynch

Let’s be real: there’s nothing really “sexy” about this game, other than we’ll get to replay the Trill Williams clip a bunch. So let’s get someone who love defense and has a ton of energy. Cam may be one of the most magnanimous humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet; Let’s have him get us hyped for an important game.

Georgia Tech Yellowjackets - Anish Shroff

Anish would be a great fit for this series, not just because he’s one of the best Syracuse alums out there, but because he’d be one of the best Twitter accounts in terms of sharing it. I also think Shroff would go all in the Mackie does with the above LSU video.

NC State Wolfpack - Sean McDonough

It seems like a waste to just throw McDonough in for the NC State game, but hear me out. This game has been one of the closer consistent contests for the Orange, and McDonough will almost assuredly be able to lend the perfect amount of gravitas and excitement to a video with so many highlights.

@Boston College Eagles - Dwight Freeney

I don’t know if this game will end the season, but more often than not it’s one of the last games of the year, and Freeney is a former player with some solid broadcasting potential who could take this as a moment to flex about rivals and beating them in their house to cap a season for seniors.

There are so many more alumni/fans/tangentially Syracuse affiliated people, we could easily have the next five seasons scripted, so who’s your favorite person I left off this list? What’