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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Maryland

You probably needed more in-game beverages than anticipated last week. What about this Saturday?

Political morning pint at Gillamoos folk festival - SPD Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

Following a workmanlike 24-0 win last week, the Syracuse Orange remain ranked and on the road — this time against the Maryland Terrapins. The game is a nooner from Maryland Stadium down in College Park. So if you’re enjoying beforehand, you’ll be doing so pretty early on the East Coast (and it’s a kegs and eggs situation out here on the West Coast).

No matter when (or if) you’re drinking before, during or after this game against Maryland, see below for beer picks that are worth your while. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Maryland Area Beer Pick: DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon

College Park is pretty close to Washington D.C., and in the case of DC Brau, it’s about six miles away — a perfectly reasonable inclusion here despite being outside of the state. A bit of a throwback to how IPAs were more commonly made on the East Coast earlier this decade, the Double IPA smacks you in the palate with intense and citrusy flavors, plus an enjoyably dry bitterness on the back end. For those not in the DC area, you can locate it elsewhere (mostly in Pennsylvania and Maryland).

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Buried Acorn Apricotville

When you think Syracuse beer scene, you don’t particularly expect a barrel aged golden sour aged over apricots to jump to the top of the list, but this one’s a nice balance of tart without being over the top, some earthiness and just the right amount of flavor. It’s no bathtub IPA, but it’s damn good and they’re bottling it now as well. Buried Acorn had some solid offerings for the non sour/fruit lovers as well. Hot Whip is their New England style IPA, Alpha Bender is their west coast which holds up well and they have a good selection of stouts and saisons to compliment. Overall worth a stop by the brewery if you’re around town for the game

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Smog City Mocha Infinite Wishes

While we typically try to avoid super “limited” releases in this space, Mocha Infinite Wishes was simply too good to leave out. Smog’s typical Infinite Wishes release is an enjoyable and not-too-sweet bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout that gets an annual rollout. This time, the brewery opted for several variants as well, including the mocha, which was basically barrel-aged espresso both in aroma and flavor. John doesn’t drink coffee anymore yet this beer alone could’ve almost converted him back. It’s coffee-forward without being overpowering, and there’s a warmth on the finish that balances out any bite that may come from the bourbon. A great pick for a fall day (unless you’re dealing with the 85-plus degrees we’ve been having out in L.A. lately).


How about you? What are you planning to drink this weekend?