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Syracuse really wants you to just call it ‘the Dome’

Though not so much where there’s a plot to make you forget about Carrier, apparently.

Rhode Island v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange athletic director John Wildhack is pretty accessible to media, which leads to frequent and interesting conversations about what matters most to fans of the program. This week, one of those items was (of course) the Carrier Dome naming rights and SU’s attempts to get out of the deal.

When we last discussed this topic, SU had removed all references to “Carrier” in the football media guide — something’s Chris Carlson wanted to ask more about that. So he did on Wednesday, and the feedback he got sounds... less than believable. Said Wildhack on the removal:

“I think our fans, I’ve been coming to games forever, I’ve always referred to it as the Dome. The name Carrier is on the outside of the building. There’s no intent.”

Noble effort here, but obviously not buying that at all.

That’s not to say SU or Wildhack are trying to be nefarious or disingenuous here. They aren’t. For all we know they’re wrapped up in a legal battle around the Carrier name that prevents them from discussing or acknowledging the negotiations publicly. Still, claiming there’s “no intent” just seems odd. It’s one thing to refer to the building as the Dome a few times in a guide or release. It’s another to even change old quotes, etc.

Personally, think Syracuse finds a way out of the contract at some point and part of that ability may be because of these efforts. Who knows when that day comes, though. Things could get a little more complicated on that front should College Gameday come to Syracuse vs. Clemson next week, however. Should we hear a concerted effort to avoid the word “Carrier” by ESPN, I’ll have a lot more questions, as you surely will too.

That, plus the rest of your Orange-related links below:

Why did Syracuse pull Carrier’s name now? John Wildhack says ‘no rhyme or reason’ (

Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack said Wednesday there was no “rhyme or reason” and “no underlying story” behind the timing of the changes. “There’s no rhyme or reason here,” Wildhack said. “No underlying story, per se. The name is still on the building. Again, we’re trying to use the language our fans use. Our fans refer to it as the Dome. We’re proud of it.”

Chris Elmore, Aaron Hackett’s blocking key to Syracuse’s running game (Daily Orange)

“I definitely tried to cut down, be more of a technician-type dude, not just use my size all the time,” Elmore said. “So I’m feeling good, looking good.” Meanwhile, Aaron Hackett did the opposite. The junior tight end put on “eight or nine” pounds this summer in an effort to strengthen the blocking side of his game, in addition to the pass-catching abilities he already possesses.

Opponent film breakdown: What to expect from Syracuse (Testudo Times)

There are still gaps in which the Syracuse defense is vulnerable though, and that mostly leans on the fact that they have had heavy competition to find replacements at linebacker for the second year in a row. The defense was able to help create enough separation and get some lucky bounces against group of five foe Liberty, but facing a Power Five school like Maryland with an experienced quarterback could reveal more faults than what was seen in week one.

Maryland football’s offense will be put to the test against Syracuse (Testudo Times)

It held Liberty to negative four rushing yards, registered eight sacks and forced four turnovers, two interceptions and two lost fumbles. “They’re very good at taking the ball away,” Maryland quarterback Josh Jackson said Tuesday. “As you watch. They’re one of the better teams at just stripping the ball carrier. So they do a very good job. ... They’re a very good defense.”

Eric Dungey on Tommy DeVito: ‘He’s just gotta learn from it’ (

DeVito and his receivers seemed off on Saturday but DeVito believes the offense will get better each week from here. Dungey says a rough game like Saturday’s could be what helps the offense figure things out. “I think the best thing for that is a game like this,” he said. “Get those hiccups out and watch film on it and you can learn from it.”

As the son of a coach, Maryland LB Ayinde Eley grew to love football. A health scare nearly took it away. (Baltimore Sun)

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