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‘Are you there, Troy? It’s me, Facebook’: Burning the season to the ground edition

It’s three weeks in, and the commenters on TNIAAM’s Facebook page are already in rare form.

Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Last we checked in on TNIAAM’s Facebook page, the Syracuse Orange football season was about to begin, and people were mad about... something. Well, specifically, they were annoyed about our typical “why Syracuse will finish...” series, failing to read a single word of the articles in favor of just telling us why we were dead wrong and how these articles are a cancer, etc.

Well, since then, things have taken a turn on the football field. So of course, the denizens of said Facebook page have TOTALLY taken this all in stride and are perfectly reasonable about SU’s 1-2 start and what’s up ahead.

Spoiler: They have not.

Though I typically avoid even looking over there for the sake of my own sanity, I’ve again plunged my hand into the filth to come up with some of the Facebook page’s best work — all for your enjoyment. Unlike Dead Letters, which this inevitably takes some cues from, I’m not directly shaming the commenters here. And I’d ask that you avoid taking it upon yourself to do so too, please.

All typos are their own.

Syracuse v Maryland

“No, you’re not paying student athletes, dummy”

cool...then they can pay for their own education cost, plus room and board. #FairIsFair

Is fair “fair?” What does that phrase even really mean, beyond restating the initial point? Why is it a hashtag? Why is it fair that students that earn the school money have to pay once they make some of said money for themselves? I have so many follow-up questions.

The already pay pay them. Free education

There’s plenty of research showing the value they add is worth more than that, but I digress.

if they want to be paid then they should not get a free education.

Are we saying the same to kids that receive academic scholarships, who can also hold jobs for money while on campus?

Stupid, go play in the XFL or D-League, Don’t ruin college athletics

Guess they haven’t seen the facilities at Clemson, Alabama, USC, or... Syracuse, for men’s basketball, in particular. Those programs largely have better stuff than the XFL or G League does.

Someone hates orange jerseys

I would prefer traditional looks, but Nike wants to tear this program apart.

Wearing orange: Tearing Syracuse football apart since at least the 1950s.

Stop discussing other teams... on Monday.

Shouldn’t we just be concerned with ourselves, and what we can improve? Check the opponents after we get back into the winning column.

... in my opinion Monday is self reflection for football. You can discuss opponents later in the week. Just me expressing my opinion.

Clemson thoughts

Class of 91. They stink. I was happy with progress the last 2 years. Not happening this year. A step or 2 back.

Class of 10. They need offensive line help. Think most felt they were unlikely to progress beyond last year’s 10 wins barring a surprising Clemson upset. If they take a step back this year, that’s... in line with what one expects when you replace your QB.

That we are who we are! Devito is struggling big time, we don’t have enough high level playmakers. We are lucky if we win 6 games, sad to say! Dino needs to recruit athletic top level QB’s and O Line Tackles!


Better team would have helped

As is usually the case.

Stop the hype, this is a bad team. Poorly coached. You dont stand a chance of upsetting a highly ranked team by going for FGs. Staff has no game plan, cant block or tackle, leads to L’s.

Season’s cancelled, guys. Pack it in.

Hey, it was a good season while it lasted!

This was after Maryland. I shudder to think what they’re saying now.

I think Dino drank the rankings Kool-Aid and forgot he actually has to prepare for the next game.

Man forgets to do his job after drinking sugary beverage.

1. They suck 2. they suck, and 3. They really suck.


Are we finally OVER the Dino Babers HYPE?

Someone still “stands with Shafer,” it appears? If the 10-win season, bowl win and top-15 ranking last year didn’t prove to him that Babers is a good coach, not sure what realistic result will. There are quite a few of these folks, unfortunately. I have some theories on why they feel that way, but we’ll save those.

Too many of us listen to hometown coverage which is always overhyped to get views. Nobody wants to hear bad news. Just wait for basketball season. Why else would coach announce man to man defense. He knows we are in deep trouble too. 7-11 in ACC play and NIT.

That’s basketball, actually. But cancel that season too.


Wasn’t too hard to find stuff this time around. Twitter and other online locales (hey, even this site’s comment section) have shown plenty of the dark side of having expectations going into the season. Hopefully the more outrageous examples above help ease the tension a bit as we head into a critical game on Saturday.