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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Western Michigan

Maybe you’re just in a drinking mood at this point.

Alcohol ban now in force all day at Munich Central Station Photo by Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images

It’s been an eventful three weeks of Syracuse Orange football already, so perhaps you’ve upped your beer consumption beyond typical levels. Whether it’s through excitement, fear or both, SU’s 2019 campaign has already been pretty up and down. Hopefully this Saturday’s matchup with the Western Michigan Broncos gives us the next “up” we’re looking for after a couple weeks of definitive “downs.”

No matter when (or if) you’re drinking before, during or after this noon ET game against WMU, see below for beer picks that are worth your while. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Western Michigan Area Beer Pick: One Well Sweet Water Street

(Before you shout about not picking Bell’s, we did so last year)

One Well is a popular neighborhood spot in Kalamazoo, featuring a variety of beer styles across the spectrum. But one of the staples is Sweet Water Street — their coffee donut porter. And true to the name, it’s a porter... brewed with doughnut and coffee ingredients. It’s sweet, but not too much so, with the bitterness of the coffee balancing it out to some extent. The aroma’s all coffee, drawing you in immediately.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Willow Rock Brunch

It’s already the second nooner of the year, and if you’re up on the Hill, you’re probably cooking up some brunch. Why not have your beer match your food? Willow Rock’s Brunch is one of the best and most consistent stouts coming out of the Syracuse area. The oatmeal stout brewed with maple syrup and local Recess Coffee holds up to scrutiny from about anywhere. They also will add to the mix with adjuncts, as breweries are wont to do now. Variants include the stalwart Eirinn Go Brunch, brewed with irish cream and the currently available Pumpkin Brunch, which in the spirit of the season is spiced to holy hell, but they pull it off.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Boomtown Mic Czech

This space regularly gets taken up by IPAs, sours and barrel-aged fare, but it’s worth shedding a spotlight on Boomtown’s Mic Czech, a pilsner, today. This specific one is a Bohemian pils that blends Czech and German styles together for a crisp, clean lager that is refreshing and floral without really tasting hoppy at all. The star is the Noble Hops that provide the signature bitterness and aroma you’d expect, but this beer stands out despite it holding true to style.