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Syracuse football wearing orange jerseys vs. Western Michigan

The “creamsicle” look reeturns for the first time since 2016.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange have not gotten off to a great start in their new uniform set, going 1-2 through the first three games while wearing them. Whether that’s a factor in the games or not (almost definitely not), they’ll keep trotting out new looks this year as fans get a glimpse of every aspect of the set designed by Nike.

On Saturday against the Western Michigan Broncos, we’ll be seeing the orange uniforms for the first time this year.

The “creamsicle” look features a white helmet, orange jerseys and white pants — a combination the Orange haven’t worn since 2016 in a home game vs. Florida State. This is a new uniform set from that one, however, so we won’t be counting that record toward the total. Will say that the combination looks better here than it used to (see the header photo, in part).

SU sensibly going with one of its two darker (typically “home”) jerseys means WMU will be wearing white on their end. The Orange are 0-1 with white helmets and white pants, respectively, so far this year.

What do we think about Syracuse’s set, though? Great to see the orange jerseys out, obviously, and as mentioned, they actually look like they match the white helmets a bit better here since the jerseys have more white in them than the previous ones did.