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Syracuse football releases week 4 depth chart vs. Western Michigan

The depth chart looks to stay the same heading into the week.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse
Vettorello is one of the “OR” guys.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We thought there was a chance to see some shake ups heading into the Syracuse Orange’s matchup with the Clemson Tigers. Likely we’re going to see a little more shakeup on the field coming out of that 41-6 loss, as we head into another home game against the Western Michigan Broncos. The depth chart, however, looks to be the exact same as last week, including the “OR” designations.

The “OR” presence on the offensive line likely means that Sam Heckel’s health is still a concern. If he returns, we’ll likely see that line from the first week, including Airon Servais at left tackle, Carlos Vettorello at right tackle and Heckel in at center. Otherwise, the option is still Servais at center, Vettorello at left tackle and Ryan Alexander on the right.

The “OR” is still present at the second wide receiver position as well, with Nykeim Johnson OR Courtney Jackson noted as the backup to Sean Riley. Neither Johnson nor Jackson had a catch on the day, though there were few enough to go around.

As with last week, no word yet on McKinley Williams’s status or a projected return date. He would be a boon if present, though the ask of the defensive line should be a good bit less against Western Michigan than it was against Clemson.

As always, there may be changes as we get closer to game time, especially after film review of last week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some changes or a few more “OR” designations popping up.