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Syracuse football recruiting: Canadian WR Kevin Mital to join Orange, per report

Apparently 2019 recruiting wasn’t done just yet.

Flag of Canada or Canadian flag waving on blue clear sky... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange aren’t done yet with the 2019 recruiting class, apparently.

According to Journal de Quebec’s Richard Boutin, wide receiver Kevin Mital will be added to the roster on scholarship as soon as he gets his student visa. Mital and Syracuse had appealed an NCAA clearinghouse ruling that initially blocked him from eligibility, and just won said appeal, giving Mital the opportunity to join Canada’s College Team.

Though Mital’s unrated by recruiting services, he was a standout with Collège André-Grasset - Phenix — his CEGEP (basically prep school) team for the last two years. As Mike McAllister details over at 247Sports, the 6-foot-2 wideout had 1,058 receiving yards and caught 17 touchdowns last season.

Boutin’s report notes that the intention isn’t for Mital to redshirt with SU, though he has plenty of catching up to do with training camp already underway. Syracuse’s top four wide receivers are likely set at Sean Riley, Taj Harris, Nykeim Johnson and Trishton Jackson. However, beyond those names, there’s potential room for Mital to break through given the lack of game experience on the rest of the depth chart.

Once Mital joins the official roster, we’ll get a “Get to Know” up about him and all. He’s now the fifth Canadian player on the roster for 2019, and third Quebecer.

Welcome aboard (bienvenue à bord), Kevin! Highlights below, for those curious: