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Syracuse’s Dino Babers already in midseason form with quote about iced coffee

Can’t argue with facts.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Notre Dame Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Even before he led the Syracuse Orange football team to an improbable 10-3 record in 2018, Dino Babers was already a treasure for his locker room speeches and quick-witted commentary to media. On Wednesday, he added to that legend with this all-timer, courtesy of the Daily Orange’s Andrew Graham:

“You guys ever try iced coffee? I don’t know why anybody would do illegal drugs when there’s iced coffee.”

This immediately vaults near the top of the list for Dino’s best quotes while at Syracuse, and may even be the best iced coffee-related note of the summer, taking over for Nick Van Exel discovering the drink and telling everyone about it all the time back in June. It also leaves us with a lot of questions:

  • Was Dino drinking an iced coffee at the time?
  • Was anyone in the room drinking an iced coffee when he mentioned?
  • Where does Dino get his iced coffee? If Syracuse and athletics sponsor Dunkin (Donuts) are smart, he’ll be in ads shortly.
  • How illegal we talking RE: the drugs?
  • Where on earth does this come from, from a context standpoint? Every joke has an origin point of some sort.

Personally, I gave up all coffee-related beverages (coffee beer aside) back in 2016, and switched over to tea full-time. But will admit, a good iced coffee was a fixture of my daily routine for about six years leading up to that point.

Without outing yourself for illegal drug use in a public forum, how would you make Dino’s comparison differently? Is iced coffee also your thing? Beer? Reading this blog? Share your own alternative to illegal drugs below.