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Talking Orange: Syracuse basketball summer update

Basketball podcast back!

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TNIAAM’s men’s basketball-specific podcast, Talking Orange, is back with a slightly tweaked lineup from last time around. During the offseason, Talking Orange will publish a new episode every 10-14 days. But once we get to the start of the regular season, that schedule will become more frequent. You’ll also hear basketball conversations on TNIAAP with Dan and John too, of course. This is similar to that, but minus the beer, football and Tulane.

This week, we’re discussing the Syracuse Orange’s offseason thus far, and the development of Jalen Carey and Brycen Goodine, among other topics. Give it a listen below:

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs a little over 35 minutes. It’s all basketball, which you’re likely anxious to hear more about in the middle of an offseason where not much happens.

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