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‘GTL’ will always mean ‘Gym, Touchdowns, Laundry’ with this new TNIAAM shirt


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With a new football season less than a month away, what better way to commemorate the occasion than with this new shirt, which you can purchase on BreakingT.

As was established last week, ‘GTL’ now stands for “Gym, TOUCHDOWNS, Laundry” and we don’t want you to forget it. With this new tee, it’s always t-shirt time, whether you’re wearing the shirt... or the shirt before the shirt.

So come football season, whether you’re watching a game, fist pumping or any other activity, let everyone know what your priorities are:




Buy the new TNIAAM shirt, and be the fan that’s read to go when the cabs are here.

No, seriously, buy the shirt. And if you really want to turn it into a tank top, you are more than welcome to do so. Whatever gives you maximum mobility while maintaining a commitment to the gym, touchdowns AND laundry in that order.