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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #8, DB Antwan Cordy

After a lot of uncertainty Cordy returns for his sixth year

NCAA Football: Wagner at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Antwan Cordy

Position: Nickel Cornerback

Year: (Redshirt) Senior

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 189 lbs.

Hometown: Homestead, Fla.

High School: South Dade

2018 stats: After missing most of the previous two seasons, Cordy returned to play in ten games last year. He had twenty-seven tackles, one sack and one forced fumble. Cordy also returned ten punts for a total of sixty-three yards.

2019 projections: The Syracuse defensive backfield is deep and talented but Cordy’s still got a role within this group. We’ll have to see where the coaches see his fit but Cordy could be used defending the slot as he has shown the ability to make plays close to the line of scrimmage. Even though younger players seem to have passed Cordy on the depth chart It’s a long season and having a player with his experience is a good thing for a team looking to maintain a spot in the Top 25.

How’d he get here?: The Duke Blue Devils and a number of G5 schools vied for his talents, but in the end Cordy committed to the Syracuse Orange.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Only two stars and Cordy has certainly shown to be better than the analysts thought.

Money quote: No matter what Antwan contributes to the Orange on the field in 2019 just the fact that he’s been able to come back has been impressive.

“With all the stuff I’ve been through, just to be here on senior night playing, it just feels amazing,” Cordy said.”

Twitterfeed: @CordyKidd8

Tweets of wonder: Some words to remember

What movie would Dino Babers recommend for him?:

We’re going with ”The Equalizer” from director Antoine Fuqua. The movie which stars Denzel Washington focuses on someone who was ready to leave his old ways behind but was brought back into his previous life. This seems fitting for Cordy who looked to be done with football but is back again this Fall.

Interesting nugget o’ interest: A lot of athletes aren’t willing to open up about the struggles they face but Antwan was open and honest about his journey back to the Syracuse line-up.

Let’s get a good look at ya: Here’s some insight from an interview last season with Kielan Whitner