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Syracuse and Clemson are rivals now, according to a t-shirt

Fun with shirts already has its second chapter of the 2019 season.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Late on Wednesday, we noticed that there was a new Syracuse Orange shirt featuring 1920s mascot Vita the Goat. Now, SU’s added another t-shirt that’s a little more aggressive.


The full rundown of this item:

  • “Gameday”: We making some assumptions, or does SU know something?
  • “Rivalry”: Oh my...

Syracuse has, of course, been down this road before — in general with shirts upon shirts for No. 1 rankings and the like, as well as with another ACC power. You might recall the litany of shirts that appeared before the initial Orange home game vs. Duke back in 2014. Despite Duke having a historic rivalry with UNC (plus numerous others), we were pretty insistent on making it a thing via t-shirt anyway. Same goes here for Clemson, who already lists South Carolina, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech and sure, Florida State (and others) as rivals before even considering SU as more than an internet rival.

Look, we’re fine stoking those fires on the web more than most just for the sake of jokes and garbage. But at the same time, those are just keeping things interesting. Putting things on a shirt may not seem any more serious... yet, it sort of does, since it appears to wish things into existence, in an official capacity.

Ultimately, it’s no big deal to print a shirt. This just feels a little thirsty is all. Still, have to wonder what the “gameday” language is specifically about. Could be nothing. Could also very much be something, however.

Are you buying one of these? How many more iterations will there be? What happens to them if we don’t host Gameday? Inquiring minds would like to know.