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Hope you weren’t expecting to buy an orange Syracuse football jersey in September

File this under “typical Syracuse thing to happen.”

North Carolina v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

When the Syracuse Orange unveiled the new football uniform set for 2019, one of the biggest deals was made around what would be available to the public to buy. After years of only being able to purchase a blue football jersey, the ORANGE would actually be selling orange- (and white-) colored jerseys as well.

We were told to expect everything in the fall. So far, we only have the blue jerseys (available for the last couple weeks). Now it seems like we’re not going to be seeing the orange or white jerseys for awhile...’s Ben Burrows wrote about this week’s conversation between Brent Axe and Orange AD John Wildhack, indicating that a “production error” means we’re waiting until later this year for the other two jerseys. According to Wildhack, “(Nike) got the font wrong on the numbers – and this happens, so this is not unique to Syracuse, it happens in the industry. So we went back and we said this is unacceptable.”

Now this very well may be something that happens in the industry and is not unique to Syracuse, but... it certainly SEEMS like something that happens the Orange with some frequency. Obviously the Wildhack administration’s been much better at avoiding the sort of gaffes that were a hallmark of the DOCTOR Gross regime. Still, this does seem like VERY typical Syracuse.

To some extent, this may be a short-term issue. Wildhack indicated “We will have the orange and the white for sale, probably – they should be in sometime in October.” So that quote on its face sounds like October, but... the word choice of probably should have you at least a little concerned about them going up for sale at all. Still, I’ll choose to remain a little optimistic and say we’ll have these for the last third of the season, and everyone can buy them as holiday gifts.

What do you think, though? Does it seem likely the orange jerseys are coming as planned, or is this going to be a lengthier delay? And what sort of production errors are we talking? Did they arrive with “CLEVELAND” or “ILLINOIS” across the front? Were the old, illegible numbers on them instead? A beacon out to those in the know: Send pics if there are any somewhere.