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Syracuse football unveils uniform set for season opener vs. Liberty

Saturday is our first look at the new duds on the field.

Since the Syracuse Orange football program showed off the new uniform set, we’ve been anxious to them on the field. Now, we know what they’ll be wearing in game one against the Liberty Flames, even if we won’t see them in action until Saturday night.

Syracuse will don orange helmets, white jerseys and orange pants to kick things off this year. Since this is a new uniform set compared to the old duds, we’re starting with a clean slate when tabulating results. However, it’s notable that SU was 2-4 in the orange/white/orange set from 2014-18, with two straight wins last season. That obviously seems strange given the fact that this is really our most “classic” road look and we definitely had more than six road games over the course of that five-year stretch.

Along with the uniform elements we’ve discussed at length already, you’ll also notice the “150” patch, to commemorate 150 seasons of Rutgers going 1-1 and claiming a fraudulent national title no one cares about college football. Makes things a little crowded, but every team’s wearing them, so it’s fine.

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