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Syracuse football film review: Season finale of ‘La Familia’

What are the Orange up to this week?

In case you missed it, Syracuse Orange football is joining the ranks of Netflix and Facebook in the #content game, creating a web series called ‘La Familia.” You can check out episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, & episode 5 recaps here. Our episode 6 review is below!

We open with Dino Babers’s preseason press conference on handling expectations for this year, and we get a wonderful bit of motivational/hedging coach speak. “This team has nothing to do with last year’s team and last year’s team has nothing to do with this year’s team.”

If you’re a uniform fanatic like me, seeing an equipment manager put together the ‘Cuse striped Orange helmet was great. If not, here’s another helmet show for when a recruit signs.

Chris Elmore For President 2020. Let’s go. What follows is a great look at the team building the team has as they wait for the City Hall Syracuse Football Celebration. Someone in the crowd has a bootleg White 44 Dino Babers jersey, which is great.

God, this kid is TNIAAM gold.

Here’s my moment of the episode: a great talk with Dino, in which he brings up some great life ideas he brings into the locker room and team: From men being more open with the emotion of love, honesty and building each other up inside a team. Dino’s something special.

The last four minutes or so is all the “Get Hype” you need for the season. Dramatic music? Check. Amazing shots with the poster? Check. Motivational player quotes? Check. Watch this before kickoff Saturday.

Overall, this series has been a tremendous success. Stick around for the credits so you can learn the names of the behind the camera team who brought this to life and will be making content all year for us fans. For the first time in my fandom, I feel like I have an incredibly clear understanding of the student-athletes who make this team, the coaching staff, and their principles that guide them on and off the field. This is what we’ve wanted as fans. And we’re ready for Game 1.