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Every Syracuse football GIF you’ll need for 2019

Because why use words when you can use GIFs instead?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The better the Syracuse Orange football team has gotten in recent years, the more memorable GIFs are out there for us to share whenever something good happens. For those that participate in GameThreads, you already know the particulars around usage there (Floyd/Soda Dungey on touchdowns only). But for every other location where you can share images, GIFs are a perfect way to go on my occasions.

With that in mind, we wanted to share all of the ones you’ll need for the 2019 campaign, from the most popular crowd-pleasers (Dancing Floyd Little, Dungey Grape Soda, DeVito Fist Bump) to some old favorites and maybe some new ones too. Enjoy below.

Dungey Grape Soda

Is there a gif that more captures the Eric Dungey era of Syracuse football than this one? No, this wasn’t recorded while he was in college. Who cares? It’s record-setting recent quarterback covering himself in grape soda. You’re watching it.

Dino Babers “I’m There”

Forgive us for not remembering the origin story exactly, but SU was raising money and got a bunch of university luminaries to participate in a video. One of them was Dino Babers, who tells Otto “I’m there” when asked to help raise money for SU.

Dancing Floyd

Needs no explanation. It’s been our touchdown GIF of choice for years since it first appeared in the “Cuse is Cray” video.

DeVito Jersey Shore

The newest entry, courtesy of Tommy DeVito leaning ALL THE WAY into New Jersey stereotypes during “La Familia.” Perhaps related, GTL shirts are still for sale at the TNIAAM shop.

Otto Deal With It

Used to be more basketball-centric. Now it serves numerous purposes.

(via GiphyCat)

Dino locker room

You could use any number of GIFs from Dino’s many rousing locker room speeches in recent years, but this takes us back to the original when they were still a surprise... not that we don’t appreciate whenever they still manage to happen.

Dungey flying chest kick

DeVito better not pull this maneuver, but the Dungey flying chest kick seems to be worth utilizing even after he played his last game for Syracuse.

Wah Hoo!

Clinching bowl wins are fun, but one of the highlights from 2013 still works for a variety of other positive outcomes.

Dino leading team on the field

LOOK AT THIS MAN. Refuse to follow him onto the football field at your own peril.

For the BC game

When Syracuse beats the Eagles, just share this one for old time’s sake.

(via the Big Lead)

Riley Goddamn Dixon

Can use for a lot of things, but maybe use sparingly for any trick play success or special teams feat of strength.

(via Gifycat)

For when we’re bowling

Otto, bowling. Seems self-explanatory.

(via Tenor)

When Andre Cisco hauls in yet another pick.

You should be able to put this one together too.

Bad Call/Bad Play/Bad Anything

The one negative GIF on here. Even in the best of times, nonsense occurs here and there.


Any GIFs we missed? Share your additions below.