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Former Syracuse star Tim Green talks to ‘60 Minutes’ about living with ALS

In case you missed it over the weekend, it’s a powerful story.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

By now, you’ve heard about Tim Green having ALS. But on 60 Minutes this weekend, we may have seen the most in-depth story about his life — and his family — dealing with the disease to-date. Despite the increasing limitations for the former Syracuse Orange football star, however, he’s used it to try and be a point of hope and someone to grab attention for “Tackle ALS,” which aims to cure the terrible disease.

Rather than trying to describe it any further, would recommend you just watch the video and the accompanying story. Even if a cure isn’t found in time for Tim, hopefully the work he and his family have done will help others in the future.

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below:

Tim Green: Coping with the ALS he thinks was caused by the game he loves (60 Minutes)

Troy Green: He was saying to me you know, ‘My hands, you know, it’s getting hard for me to hold the weights,’ And I’d make a joke, ‘Oh, you’re getting old,’ Tim decided to see a prominent hand surgeon. Tim Green: And he looked. He said, ‘I think you have ALS.’ I said, ‘No, I don’t.’ That same day he went straight to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City to meet with a neurologist.

Syracuse football LBs Andrew Armstrong, Lakiem Williams confident going into 2019 (

“Nobody’s playing like how they were playing in the spring,” Williams said. “Everybody’s taken that next step. And I feel like at this time, compared to Ryan and (Kielan) Whitner, we’re a little bit farther along.” For the second straight season, the Orange’s defense must replace its starting ‘backers. Guthrie and Whitner developed over the course of last season, gradually emerging as reliable components in a vastly improved unit.

Discovering Dino: Inside Babers’ near-death accident, and what it tells us about his future in Syracuse (

A man ran toward Babers, knocked on his window, told him to put the car in park and kill the engine. He looked Babers in the eye and asked him a question. “Are you a Christian?” “Yes, I am,” Babers said. “I know you are because I’m a preacher, and based off of what I just saw, you should be dead. “God must have great plans for you.”

Syracuse lacrosse will make first-ever visit to rival in 2020 (

SU and Albany have met every season since 2004 and 18 times overall, with each game played in the Carrier Dome. They have traditionally met early in the season because weather isn’t an issue in the Dome. Moving the game to April makes an outdoor game in Albany more climate-friendly.

ACC Network launch begins a new era for the conference (Daily Orange)

“We’ve learned some lessons from the SEC launch,” ACC Network producer Aaron Katzman said. “But this will be its own network that will have the appeal of the ACC and nothing else. The best part of this is being able to start something from the ground floor, and it’s really embracing the unknown.”

Eric Devendorf’s generosity results in new shoes, haircuts for Syracuse youngsters (CNY Central)

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10 unanswered ACC questions entering season (247Sports)

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