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Former Syracuse assistant Sean Lewis talks SWAG coordinators, major rebuilds

Former ‘Cuse Co-OC Sean Lewis talked to Banner Society’s Stephen Godfrey.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

When Sean Lewis left to become head coach of Kent State, I figured it was because Kent State was such a tough job most people said no. Sean Lewis was an up and coming Offensive Coordinator with familiarity of the MAC and had worked with one of the most successful MAC coaches in recent years, Dino Babers. It made some sense.

In a recent Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody interview with The Banner Society’s Stephen Godfrey, it’s clear Lewis was hired because he’s got something special. Listen to the interview, and he sounds like we imagine Dino did back when he started. Mentions of “Being consistently good, not occasionally great” are straight from the Babers playbook, while an understanding of the importance of a SWAG Coordinator (Social With Advanced Graphics) shows how the youngest head coach in the FBS connects a struggling program with families and alumni.

Give the whole thing a listen, if nothing else for the first time we’ve gotten a behind the scenes look at the closely guarded secrets of a Babers staff, and stick around to listen to an infectious personality who could be the next big coach in college football.


Predicting records through September for each Top 25 team - 247 Sports

The Orange could be one of the ACC’s better teams this fall, and they’ll get a chance to prove it with an early game against Clemson. Syracuse won’t get the win — the Tigers are too loaded to lose this one — but Dino Babers’ team will hold its own as usual.

ESPN’s ACC Network Will Rely On Cheap Student Labor - Deadpin

The ACC Network also represents how the ever-bloating business of college sports relies on cheap labor and schools’ willingness to throw massive sums of money into production costs. Many ACC schools are already on the hook for building out multi-million dollar studios from which they can pump content to ESPN platforms.

Top High School Recruits Expected to Attend Syracuse Elite Camp -

Among the prospects expected attend the camp is Lance Ware, a Top 50 recruit in the Class of 2020. Ware, a 6-8 forward, attends Camden High School in Camden, N.J. has him ranked No. 42 in the ’20 class, but many analysts have him much higher.

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