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Syracuse football: ‘GTL’ now stands for Gym, Touchdowns, Laundry

It’s never too late to own the offseason #content engine.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

While we were concerned about how Tommy DeVito would be able to replace Eric Dungey’s production as the Syracuse Orange’s quarterback this year, we were equally worried about how the former four-star recruit could replicate his predecessor’s ability to generate content.

As you well know, Dungey was a human highlight reel, and also a meme. Power Five quarterbacks are probably more predisposed to the former than the latter. Alas, most quarterbacks don’t understand the Syracuse tradition of being both.

DeVito first started giving hints he’d be up to the task at ACC Football Kickoff, with a small wisecrack about tanning. And even in a brief appearance in episode one of “La Familia,” there were signs we’d be seeing more from him very soon.

Then we got this image in episode two, which sparked a greater conversation around the pure New Jersey-ness of DeVito. The quarterback noticed, which is in part how we now have this:

That’s from freshman receiver Courtney Jackson’s Instagram story, and we can only hope that DeVito spent the entire summer in CNY walking around in black tank tops and gold chains. There may not be many places to beat the beat up around Syracuse, but dressed like this, Tommy certainly found them.

“GTL” may have previously stood for “Gym, Tan, Laundry” courtesy of MTV’s Jersey Shore. But “Gym, Touchdowns, Laundry” seems more appropriate now. If the student section doesn’t have shirts with that saying on it and/or gold prop “TD” chains, they’ve failed in honoring their contracts.

For those that want the gif file for easy meme-ing, it’s yours below. Didn’t think we’d have an heir to the touchdown celebration throne so quickly, but here we are.