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Class of 2022 Syracuse basketball target Dior Johnson looks to take September visit to SU

Dior also said he’s been enjoying Taco Tuesday out in LA.

Photo via @3Diorjohnson

New York, N.Y. — It wasn’t the first time Dior Johnson played at Dyckman park and it probably won’t be the last. The class of 2022 guard and Syracuse Orange basketball target came all the way out from Los Angeles to compete in the second annual Slam Summer Classic in New York City on Sunday.

He played at Dyckman for the first time when he was 13 years old. Dior is originally from Kingston, New York, and formerly played basketball at Saugerties High School but now lives out in LA.

Johnson now plays high school basketball at Fairfax. On the AAU circuit, he runs with Bronny James and Strive For Greatness. He currently has offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, LSU, Memphis and St. John’s.

Earlier this summer, he tweeted that Syracuse had offered him a scholarship, but on Sunday he noted that the Orange coaching staff has really been recruiting him since he was in middle school. Gerry McNamara has been his primary contact at SU.

“I’ve been talking with G-Mac and Boeheim since I was in seventh grade. I like Syracuse,” Johnson said.

While it’s early in his recruitment and 2022 is still three years away, Johnson said the proximity of his hometown to Syracuse won’t play much of a factor in his ultimate college decision. Still, he’s eyeing a potential visit to SU next month, “maybe” for a football game.

“It don’t matter. I’m from New York, I’ll always be a New York kid. I definitely like Syracuse, I’m definitely going to get an official too,” Johnson said. “That’s going to be one of my first (visits), probably in September.

“If I end up going there, I like them both (McNamara and Boeheim). I like their style of play. It’s a 2-3 (zone), that’s my style of defense,” He continued. “On offense they let their guards go. I feel like Syracuse hasn’t had any pro guards come out quick. If that happened, I’d try to be the next.”

Given that Johnson is only going to be a sophomore this high school basketball season, much can change from now until his senior year. The NBA could repeal its one-and-done rule which mandates players be one year removed from their high school graduation date to be eligible for the NBA Draft.

Should the NBA do away with the rule, Johnson could skip the college game altogether.

“If that chance is given,” Johnson began. “Straight out of high school? I’m outta here!”

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