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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #41, LS Joey Kelly

Let’s learn about our southwestern long snapper!

Name: Joey Kelly

Position: Long Snapper

Year: Freshman

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 192

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.

High School: Brophy College Prep

2018 stats: Kelly played Rugby, Linebacker and long snapper in high school, which is a great amount of athleticism for a long snapper. This is how you get to be known as Special Teams U.

2019 projections: Probably going to redshirt, but there’s potential that Kelly could get a look vs. Holy Cross and Western Michigan, if only for the extra reps.

How’d he get here?: While Justin Lustig was meditating in the desert for his yearly special teams mindfulness sabbatical, a hawk appeared before him and whispered “Joey Kelly.” Lustig was then guided by a mystical punt to Brophy College Prep.

(In all seriousness, he’s a walk-on connected to Lustig via Hammer Kicking Academy.)

What’d recruiting sites say?: Nothing, because Lustig is playing special teams four dimensional chess while other schools play special teams checkers.

Twitter feed: @JoeyKelly2019

Tweets of wonder: Kelly cleans up well, which is good for when he becomes the first long snapper to win the Heisman, cementing Syracuse as Special Teams U.

What movie would Dino recommend for him?: Not a movie, but if you want to watch the shenanigans of Joey on Netflix, Friends will only be there a little while longer.

Interesting nugget o’interest: Kelly’s high school head coach was former NFL QB Jon Kitna.

Let’s get a look at ya: Let’s look at that long snapping form, eh?