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Film Review: Episode 4 of Syracuse football’s ‘La Familia’

What happened on this week’s episode?

In case you missed it, Syracuse Orange football is joining the ranks of Netflix and Facebook in the #content game, creating a web series called ‘La Familia.” You can check out episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3 recaps here. Our episode 4 spoiler review below!

We start off with Trishton Jackson and Trill Williams playing basketball with some members of the Women’s Basketball team, including star Tiana Mangakahia. Jackson mentions that for awhile he was unsure whether he wanted to play football or basketball at the next level. Seems like he made the right choice.

Next we have local walk-on lineman Ryan Kisselstein (he of some of the best hair on the roster). His story gets the added of bonus of a trip to his high school field, where off in the distance you can see the Carrier Dome.

First time we’ve seen Tommy DeVito in a non-black tank top. Nice to know those exist in his wardrobe. But really it’s a great look into the relationship DeVito is building with this receiving core, including a little tidbit of practicing route trees hundreds of times to get it perfect.

“So how was your shore weekend?” In reality, this kicked off a great training camp montage that showcased some nice DeVito runs and deep balls that will get you salivating. It wraps with some very happy players getting ice cream from a truck outside of Manley after their first scrimmage.

Overall, these episodes are doing a great job showing us just how tight knit this team is and some personalities we’d never see otherwise. Huge fan right here.

If you want to watch it for yourself and provide some commentary of your own, check it out below: