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Film review: Episode 2 of Syracuse football’s ‘La Familia’


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24 Syracuse at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In case you missed it, Syracuse Orange football is joining the ranks of Netflix and Facebook in the #Content game, creating a web series called ‘La Familia.” John broke down episode 1, and with episode 2 dropping last night, we’ve got your *spoiler* review below!

We’ve seen this room before, but I just want to show it again because you don’t build this kind of room if you aren’t in with Nike.

Defensive Back Trill Williams is our first guide, and he’s more than happy to show off “the best cleats in the game.” I’m not one to argue; Trill’s Dragon Ball Z cleats are great, as is the revelation that he watches it before every game. You guys are just feeding our #BRAND.

More weight room time, this time with Josh Black. There’s talk of the pound-for-pound strongest guys on the team (hint: Black is included), and a team of all Sumo wrestlers.

A great conversation with Evan Foster and Sean Riley that dives into Foster’s number change and his nickname, “Nyquill.” Updating the TNIAAM Glossary now.

So much to take in here: Moe Neal’s happiness feeling the new jersey, Tommy DeVito’s TD chain, the fact that he’s rocking a black tank top. My god this series has paid for itself already.

You looking at ‘Cuse’s schedule this year.

And of course, we end with the jersey reveal. The day that I finally rested my crusade against slanted letters and non-Orange jerseys. And the players involved with the reveal seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

Overall, episode 2 lacked Moe Neal narrating, but showed us that a lot more guys have some personality too. This series is doing exactly what it needs to do: show us these student athletes in a different light while hyping us up for football season.