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This is only July: Jon Rothstein makes Syracuse basketball trip

So much Jon Rothstein in Jon Rothstein. This is only July. It spreads.

St. John’s v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s not every day that Syracuse Orange fans get treated to a trip from renowned house salad aficionado Jon Rothstein. The college basketball expert who doubles as a broken record was staying humble and staying hungry in the 315 yesterday and had some things to say about Jim Boeheim’s basketball team. This usually only happens once annually but when it does, it’s always eventful.

Consider the time that Jerami Grant grew a lot. Perhaps you recall the time that Kaleb Joseph became the bloodshooter. Maybe we should all just be excited for some palpable buzz. After all, this is only July.

So here’s a stream of Rothstein’s tweets from yesterday during his time at Melo. And here. We. Go.

Whoops. That one was from 2012, but it very well could’ve worked here as Elijah Hughes prepares to be the go-to-guy for Syracuse. If there were more Jon Rothstein in Jon Rothstein he would’ve brought this one back.

Let’s take it from the top:

Looks like Rothstein stopped by Twin Trees before his trip to Melo. The bad news is he dropped his Android in his pizza and forgot to wipe the lens.

Looks like Marek Dolezaj was also unable to attend Twin Trees with Rothstein.

On a serious note, this is a bummer for Dolezaj but no harm in him not playing while he gets back to full strength. Doley will take on a larger role this year and we already know he’s going to be an important piece. But this should let some of the younger guys get more playing time in Italy. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing.

Okay, back to jokes and garbage.

Meh. That might be true that Syracuse is deep but either way we know how Boeheim do. The shooting part is intriguing as Hughes, Buddy Boeheim and Joe Girard can all shoot it. And yeah, Syracuse plays a 2-3 zone. Rebounding is always difficult.

We agree. Good to see that Jalen is driving up in Syarcuse though. It probably didn’t make much sense for him to have a car when he was living in Harlem.

Palpable buzz?

Early prediction on Jon Rothstein’s 19-20 starting five: House salad, Everyday is a gift, Stay hungry, stay humble, More life altering than a 10-day trip to Europe, This is March.

There it is! Palpable buzz!

Syracuse better go out and get star power. Elijah might be the closest thing to a star that Syracuse has, but perhaps this a team that comes together nicely without needing a guy like Tyus to take over or go one-on-one.

We eventually look forward to the “So much Gerry McNamara in Joe Girard” tweet. Until then, if we’re going out of our way to tell Rothstein he’s doing something wrong, he’s doing something right.

Death, taxes, Jon Rothstein.