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Sh*t my coach says: Dino Babers’s best quotes from ACC Football Kickoff

There is no other coach in college football who uses words like our own Dino.

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NCAA Football: Camping World Bowl-West Virginia vs Syracuse Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Dino Babers may be the most media-savvy employee Syracuse Athletics has, and yes, I know the Athletic Director came from a VP role at ESPN. There is no single person who knows how to capitalize on attention, and distract the media in a way that not only interests them, but endears himself to the group at large, the way Dino does.

Naturally, a media event like the ACC Football Kickoff is Dino’s wheelhouse. Syracuse is one of the darlings of the conference right now, and everyone wants a Babers quote. He didn’t disappoint, so here are some of Dino’s best quips from the day.


I mean, damn. That is both insulting to Vanilla Ice, whomever he is referring to and confounding me by mixing the Commodores with The Beatles and Queen.

I mean, duh.

A Dino-written biblical telling of Syracuse football would be a must-have in all rooms at the Sheraton.

All they did was stop a team dumb enough to lead block with a holder. And on that note...


Also, take what you will from this quote...

And finally, from the Athletic’s wonderful piece by Matt Fortuna;

“Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all-time,” he said. “They don’t give him his credit because he’s a white guy. We’re not gonna go racial. But the one line that he said in one of his rap songs, he said: Hey, like Elvis Presley can do black music and make myself wealthy. Hey! There’s a concept that works!

Don’t leave us Dino. We’d get too damn bored.