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Dino Babers at ACC Football Kickoff: Andre Cisco bought some muscles at Wal-Mart

Plus more on Dino’s eventful time at the podium on Wednesday afternoon.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Representatives from the Syracuse Orange and the rest of the Atlantic Division teams took their turn down at ACC Football Kickoff (ACC media days) on Wednesday. We’ll have a separate piece on what quarterback Tommy DeVito and defensive end Kendall Coleman said. But first, it’s head coach Dino Babers.

As one of the most quotable coaches in college football, Babers usually bring his A-game to these events, and this year was no exception, despite the media scrum really lacking in-depth questions.

Dino grades effort... rigorously.

When asked why he chose DeVito and Coleman to attend media days this year, Babers got into the effort both have put in, specifically citing percentages attached to what they’ve put forth in practice from day one. Not sure how these ratings come about, but I’d be terrified to have Babers grade my work day.

“The very first scrimmage we had on campus, his position coach came back and said he had given 100% effort. I told the position coach, I’ve been in a long time, I’ve never seen a high school freshman come to his first college scrimmage and get a 100% effort grade on a scrimmage.

To make a long story short. I said, If he did that, I want to see it. If I want to see it, I know you guys want to see it, as well. I brought the staff back at 11:00 that night, and we rewatched the scrimmage. We graded Kendall to see if he graded 100% in effort.”

Dino will be the judge of that 100% grade, sir!

“Now, he didn’t. He came out at 91 or 93%, which is still the highest grade we’ve ever given a freshman.”

Very curious what he would’ve given Eric Dungey as a freshman.

Fire up the #DISRESPECK engine. Babers, on the anticipation of the Clemson game:

“We don’t even speak about it. The way you guys go straight to the third game, I don’t even think that way... Therefore, every one of those games are a big game to us, regardless of who we’re playing.”

You hear that, Clemson? You’re the same as Holy Cross.

We sure it’s not the dining hall food?

“First of all, the trash cans, they were a lot in the beginning, there are not a lot in the end. I can’t remember the last time I saw -- well, freshmen don’t count. Freshmen throwing up, that doesn’t count. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an upperclassman do something like that in practice.”

Note to me back in 2006-07: Freshmen throwing up doesn’t count.

The first movie reference of the day, while talking about Orange fans:

“I know that our football team and our football family absolutely feels that way, that if you’re coming into our place, I don’t know, I guess it’s like that movie Dumb and Dumber, if you’re coming to play us at home, we just really think like we have a chance.”

Almost the quote. Still works.

Talking about Andre Cisco gives Dino a chance to subtly shame millennials, among other things:

“Andre came in in January, went through spring, beat out one safety, beat out the other safety during two-a-days, lined up and played as a freshman. Then he played so extremely well he got named on some All-American teams. That doesn’t happen with young men, especially young men in the millennial area.”

Andre’s Gen Z, but who’s really keeping track of these sorts of things?

“The thing that’s different, I want to talk about what’s different about Cisco, what’s different is he’s changed his body. He went down to Wal-Mart, got him some bi’s, some tri’s, and some pecs now, he must have got the pecs off the shelf, around aisle five, he has an upper body that is no joke. I want to see now if he can physically do some of the things from a skill set that we saw him do from an athletic ability as far as getting interceptions and doing other things on the back end.”

If I’d known that all I had to do to get in better shape was head to Wal-Mart, I would’ve done so a long time ago. The rare times I shadow the door, I never walk down aisle five. Now I know what I’ve been missing.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

You can mark “belief without evidence” off on your BINGO board.

“If you have faith, belief without evidence, that these things will lead to winning, I think that they will buy in. But one thing that I try to do is always tell them the truth. I think sometimes men, especially men to men, don’t tell each other the truth enough.”

Would agree with the latter statement. Syracuse, I complained about scheduling for years out of love, and a desire to simply tell you the truth. Thanks for hearing me out and mostly doing something about it.

Also, while talking about the moon landing, Dino watched “Space Ghost” and “Speed Racer” as a kid. This seems relevant.