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No NCAA Football video game means we missed out on Digital Dungey

Six years have passed since the last NCAA Football videogame and we missed a fun era

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 21 Syracuse at Miami
99 rating for Knee Strikes
Photo by Richard C. Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday was the second Tuesday in July and college football fans who were/are gamers know what that used to mean: the release of that year’s EA Sports NCAA Football game.

That’s right, it’s been six years since the last version released and in those six years Syracuse Orange fans have missed a lot. We’ve been unable to convert Riley Dixon to QB to fulfill his Heisman dreams. Some of you would have really been able to #StandwithShafer and keep the digital version of him in charge of the Orange. Maybe John would have finally give in and run an all bubble screen offense... okay, maybe not that one. But what we really missed out on was the era of Eric Dungey as your Syracuse dynasty QB.

We know that Dungey’s accuracy numbers wouldn’t have been that high, but his running ratings and ability to break tackles would have allowed you to do what is the most enjoyable aspect of the NCAA series: calling passing plays and then turning them into QB runs. When you think about it that’s kind of the way Dungey played his Syracuse career so you’d be replicating that with Digital Dungey aka QB #2.

Who needs pocket awareness and throwing accuracy when your QB comes equipped with special skills in breaking tackles and acceleration? Think of all the fun you could have had calling Four Verts out of the shotgun and then just sprinting Dungey to the wide side of the field and hitting the spin move and truck stick on your hapless opponents. Want to mix it up? Give Syracuse a flexbone offense and watch Dungey run the option over and over again setting up that FB wheel route in the second half. I mean of all the Syracuse highlights we remember a majority of them are likely Dungey runs right?

Look if experts like Dabo Swinney and Steve Adazzio are going to give him ratings in the 90s for Moxie and Savvy, who are we to argue? Imagine how many hours you’d spend trying to break the NCAA rushing records with QB#2 or better yet how many times would you try to replicate this play?

It’s a shame we never got to control a QB with a 99 Knee to Face rating. A damn shame indeed.