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Dates announced for Syracuse basketball’s preseason Italy tour

All roads lead to Rome?

Eastern Washington v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

We’ve known for a while now that the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team would be heading to Italy for a preseason tour, but now dates and details have been released from SU Athletics.

The team will leave from Syracuse on August 10 and return to SU on August 20. In that 10-day span, the team will scrimmage against four Italian select teams, which consist of local pro players.

Games and dates are listed below:

  • August 12: vs. Italian Select Team in Vedano Olona
  • August 14: vs. Italian Select Team in Vincenza
  • August 17: vs. Italian Select Team in Siena
  • August 18: vs. Italian Select Team in Rome

The 2019-20 Syracuse basketball team figures to be one of Jim Boehiem’s youngest in his 44-year tenure. The early practice sessions and overall experience should help a youthful team jell. The NCAA allows up to 10 practices prior to a foreign tour, to which Syracuse players are expected to convene at the beginning of August.

A few members of the Orange basketball program will be traveled this summer. Adrian Autry and Allen Griffin will head to Greece along with Jalen Carey for the USA East Coast team later this month.

Rising junior Marek Dolezaj will compete with the Slovak national team prior to the Italy tour. It’s unclear whether Dolezaj’s obligations will overlap.

This is all nothing if not a perfect excuse for noted Italian food aficionado Jim Boehiem to explore some authentic cuisine. What do you think he eats over there? Drop a comment and opine below.


What do you think Jim Boehiem’s go-to meal will be in Italy?

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