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Ranking Syracuse football’s new uniform combinations

Which looks are we most excited to see this season? And which less so?

via @CuseFootball

The Syracuse Orange football team revealed new uniforms a week ago, and since then there’s been plenty of conversation around what we like, as well as maybe a note or two about what we don’t as much (hi, wordmark).

One thing we haven’t done yet is rank the different combinations possible with this set, though. With two different helmets (orange, white) and three different variations of both jerseys and pants (all orange, blue or white), there are 18 possible outcomes for SU — many of which we saw on Friday. But let’s quickly run through the best and potentially worst looks we could see this year:

1. Orange helmets, White jerseys, Orange pants

I didn’t expect to love these as much as I did. But this road set makes a strong call back to the 90s and the orange numbers against the white jersey pop really well. The “orange” wordmark also doesn’t look overcrowded with white around it.

2. White helmets, White jerseys, White pants

This was among the slicker combinations from the last set, and they deliver here once more. Even with some Oklahoma State vibes, it’s still a clean, monochrome look — though perhaps they opt for orange socks (vs. white at the event).

3. White helmets, Orange jerseys, Orange pants

Didn’t love this combination last time around, but here it’s a better orange and there are more legible numbers. Having the numbers in white ties well to the helmet, which is something the last set lacked (since those were blue, the whole thing felt disjointed).

4. Orange helmets, Blue jerseys, Orange pants

“The classic” home look. I think the wordmark gets to be a bit crowded against the blue jerseys, though it’s saved by being a different color than the numbers. This will likely be the most recognizably Syracuse set, and the one we see most often at home.

5. Orange helmets, Orange jerseys, Orange pants

We oddly didn’t see this one on Friday, though perhaps it’s being saved for the eventual orange-out game. The all-orange set was solid last time around, and this one will look a lot better given the white numbers.

6. Orange helmets, White Jerseys, White pants

Perhaps not enough orange, but another slick look that looks much better with the unified color scheme across all elements. We were 0-4 with this combo in the old set. Very much looking forward to hitting reset since it’s a good road option against non-orange squads.

7. Orange helmets, White jerseys, Blue pants

Didn’t expect to love this one, but it’s grown on me since the initial reveal. What really stands out is the fact that all three stripe patterns are showcased, and they pop pretty well on each element. As mentioned, having the extra white (numbers, stripe) serves as a great way to tie things together — something the other set never did. Am I the only one that wishes the swoosh on the white jerseys was orange, however?

8. Orange helmets, Orange jerseys, Blue pants

This wasn’t a bad look last time around, and here it’ll look about the same. It would probably be easier to visualize if we’d seen the all-orange set live.

9. Orange helmets, Blue jerseys, Blue pants

This one, we did see. It’s a bit Virginia-esque, though not so much that we hate it. For some reason, the wordmark seems even more crowded here than it does with the orange pants.

10. White helmets, White jerseys, Orange pants

Another one that’s likely to give off some OK State vibes. It’s clean, however, and the orange numbers do point to it being SU.

11. White helmets, Orange jerseys, White pants

Maybe a bit too creamsicle/early Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Syracuse wore this combination just once in the last set: a 2016 loss to Florida State. It’ll look less disjointed here than it used to.

12. White helmets, Orange jerseys, Blue pants

See above, just with additional contrast. I’m torn whether these will actually look like Syracuse or not.

13. Orange helmets, Orange jerseys, White pants

Not sure how much we see these — or want to. Even with the tie-in elements, it’s still going to be pretty disjointed.

14. Orange helmets, Blue jerseys, White pants

Don’t think we’ll see this one much either, since the jersey indicates a home game, while the bottom looks like we’re on the road. Like the above, white on the bottom is always going to feel a little disjointed without white helmets.

15. White helmets, Blue jerseys, Orange pants

Feel like Virginia’s worn this before. None of this says Syracuse, beyond the Orange wordmark.

16. White helmets, Blue jerseys, Blue pants


17. White helmets, White jerseys, Blue pants

18. White helmets, Blue jerseys, White Pants


(we never bothered with either of the two above in the old set, and it’s unlikely we try it out this time)