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#FakeNunes determines which Syracuse Football uniform reveal was better

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We bring out the FNSI to determine a winner.

via @CuseFootball

The 2019 Syracuse Orange football uniforms are finally here, and we’re sure to have plenty of discussions regarding them from now until they are replaced. What we’re here today to discuss is the last two Syracuse football uniform reveals and determine which was better.

In case you forgot about 2014 (and we all wish we had forgotten), click here and refresh your memory. Now onto to Fake Nunes Statistical Index to see if it was better than last Friday night’s 2019 reveal.

Time and Location

Wednesday afternoon at the Destiny USA mall against Friday night at Club Lava inside Turning Stone. We were critical of the use of Turning Stone for this year’s reveal, but the only people in the mall on a weekday afternoon are trying to get an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and catch a matinee.

Advantage: 2019

Use of Balloons

Nothing says college football like mylar balloons. Nothing.

Advantage: 2014

Uniform Models

It was an interesting decision for Syracuse to use current players for this year’s reveal in part because of the location. In 2014 the Orange went with recent graduates Marquis Spruill, Jerome Smith and Charley Loeb of RGLCL lore. No disrespect to DeVito and the boys, but you never had a chance here with Charley Loeb present.

Advantage: 2014

Uniform Models in a different city

One of my favorite parts of the 2014 reveal was that a few SU athletics staff members took Ryan GIllum and Derrell Smith around NYC in the new uniforms. Yes folks this was a Joe Giansante special, as nothing says the DOCTOR Gross era like SUAD staff members going to NYC on the University’s dime.

As far as we know, Eric Dungey and Chris Slayton were too busy to walk through Times Square on Friday night modeling uniforms so we’re calling this one

Advantage: 2014

Inside Collar Slogan

We’ve gone from “Lock the Gate” to “For the Glory” and at least one of these isn’t a misquote of the catchphrase that the team’s Head Coach is trying to get over.

Advantage: 2019

Use of Platinum

Based on what we saw on Friday night then it appears we’ve survived the #Platinuming and we will all warn future generations to never go down that path again.

Advantage: 2019

Now let’s see who wins this battle? What’s that, we’ve got a deadlock in the FNSI? Oh well we can see how you’d think that was the case, but the “Use of Platinum” category is actually worth 44 categories so congratulations to the 2019 reveal. You might not have had RGLCL or fancy balloons but you dropped platinum and delivered this bad-ass video... and for that you win this round in a decisive decision.