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Introducing Szuba’s mentions: Send your Syracuse basketball questions along via twitter

That’s me in the lead photo, figuratively yelling into my megaphone.

Head coach Jim Bohheim Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This might be the most pretentious thing I’ve ever done. I’m actually creating a post named after myself to introduce a mailbag-type-thing for offseason Syracuse Orange basketball content.

Counter to everybody else on twitter telling you to get out of their mentions, I actually want you to hop into my mentions. Basically, it’s like this: There aren’t a ton of Syracuse basketball things to talk about once the season is over so I’m creating content via your questions for greater discussion. At least I’m being honest.

Anyway, if you have a question about Syracuse basketball, just hit me on twitter @JamesSzuba and ask away with the hashtag #SzubasMentions. (It should look like #SzubasMentions without an apostrophe otherwise the hashtag won’t work.)

Every week or so, I’ll compile the best (read: only) questions, embed them here at Nunes and create a post with my answers. Your questions can be serious, they can be jokes and garbage filled, they could be about a game from 2005 or they could even be about the city of Syracuse itself. Doesn’t matter to me.

For the folks here that don’t operate on the twittersphere or want their question to be anonymous, I won’t leave you out. If you want to participate you can email me your questions at and I’ll answer them here. Twitter is best because I can just embed the tweet in the article and it looks/flows better.

Now I pray that you actually ask some questions otherwise this will all be for naught and I’m going to have to make questions up. Thanks.


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