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Oshae Brissett’s rise to NBA Draft consideration is no small feat

Let’s not forget what prospects looked like just a few weeks ago.

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Syracuse v Michigan State Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

When Oshae Brissett announced that he was going to test the NBA Draft waters, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Not that he shouldn’t have — he definitely should have taken advantage of the process that he’s afforded. But I, like many, was curious how he was going to get the opportunities to improve enough to even have a decision to make regarding staying in the field.

Now, he’s staying in the draft pool, and seems more and more likely to get selected — basically weeks after barely being a top-100 player. This is no small feat, and something that should be commended. Brissett put in the work to get himself picked. We’ll find out next month if it ends up paying off.

The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie looked at Brissett’s effort along with other players this week, and along with the above sentiment around him working his way up draft boards, there’s also the fact that the decision made the most sense for his game given what Syracuse is doing on offense. That’s no knock on Jim Boeheim or SU — as Vecenie himself notes — but as he puts it, the goals are misaligned between what Brissett needs to show pro scouts and what the Orange need him to be as a player.

His ability to show that in a short amount of time this month is great. But does that same misalignment also explain the last few years of middling regular season results, the offensive struggles and the recruiting misses at some junctures? This offense hasn’t been all that dynamic, and prospective players seem to see that from afar. No one would really be able to prove it impacts recruiting, but... it’s not a stretch to think that players don’t currently see SU’s offense as a way to get to the NBA. Just some food for thought, that could potentially be addressed if things open up this year and add some tempo.

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This isn’t to say Jim Boeheim is a bad coach or anything; he’s not. Rather, their goals are misaligned here. Brissett needs to show that he can hit catch-and-shoot 3s, defend in man-to-man, and attack closeouts. But that’s not what he’ll be asked to do at Syracuse, who will likely ask him to create off the bounce, and try to make plays on his own — something that he’s just not quite good enough at because his handle isn’t great and his first step isn’t all that strong.

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