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Which former Syracuse basketball player would make the most entertaining head coach?

These guys won’t be on the list to follow Boeheim, but what if they were?


With Juwan Howard’s hiring by the Michigan Wolverines, we have yet another example of a college basketball team bringing in a head coach with no previous HC experience to lead their program. Chris Mullin didn’t work out at St. John’s and the returns on Patrick Ewing are still TBD at Georgetown. But Penny Hardaway has something interesting going on with the Memphis Tigers. That Boeheim guy’s done a pretty reasonable job at Syracuse too, we’ve heard.

Is this a sustainable trend in Division 1? Who cares.

We’re not here to debate recruiting rankings or in-game strategy. Nope we’re here to debate which former Syracuse Orange players would be the most entertaining to see on the sidelines. We’re not talking about the current Syracuse assistants or people like Jason Hart who are coaching in other places. No, we want brand new coaches only.

Let’s start with Derrick Coleman. If you want to replace Boeheim’s sideline antics and snarky post-game press conferences, there might not be a better choice out there than DC. We’d enjoy watching him glare at Teddy Valentine after a call goes against the Orange. You know if he got the opportunity to face the Georgetown Hoyas that assistant coaches would need to separate him and Patrick Ewing.

So maybe DC’s a little too passionate for you. Maybe you prefer someone a bit quieter. Someone knows as more of a cerebral player. Maybe your name is Sean Keeley and you want Marius Janulis as a head coach. What you might lose in the press conferences, you might gain in a return to these sweet 90s uniforms.

Syracuse V Villanova
Textbook boxout right here

Maybe you think the Orange need a little flavor on the sideline. Someone who can connect to recruits because he enters the Dome to Meek Mill. You want Scoop Jardine. Now just imagine Coach Scoop’s reaction when his point guard launches a 3-pointer early in the shot clock.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Wisconsin v Syracuse Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If those options don’t appeal to you then we’ll give you one more suggestion. You think Jim Boeheim’s going to be tough to follow, so you think Syracuse needs a coach who isn’t afraid of expectations. Someone who isn’t afraid to throw off their sport coat and check in when the team needs a clutch shot... that’s right. Player-Coach Mookie Jones.

This is where you get your turn. Let us know which unique coaching candidate you’d choose.