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What’s the best ‘walk-off’ win in Syracuse football history?

Football’s buzzer-beaters find plenty of positive outcomes for Syracuse, too.

Donovan McNabb

It seemed like people enjoyed going back to revisit buzzer beaters so that got us thinking. What Syracuse Orange football game-ending plays are the best in school history? We’ll give you some of our favorites first.

Michael Owens 2-pt conversion run against the West Virginia Mountaineers in 1987

Wins over ties that’s what we like

Donovan McNabb’s TE throwback to Steve Brominski against the Virginia Tech Hokies

One of the most memorable plays in McNabb’s career as he delivered the game-winner.

Maurice McClain’s interception beats Virginia Tech in a 3OT game (2002)

This was the Troy Nunes-David Tyree “WTF” game as the Orange got a big upset win over the top-10 Hokies

Terrel Hunt’s pass to Josh Parris against the Boston College Eagles in 2013

Another TE throwback and this one gave Scott Shafer his 1st and only bowl appearance.

More importantly it also gave us this classic TNIAAM moment


Riley Dixon’s fake FG pass against the Villanova Wildcats

The fact that this introduced us to the Legend of Riley Dixon distracts us from the fact that Syracuse needed a fake to beat a FCS team in 2OT

Ryan Lichtenstein’s game-winning FG against the Northwestern Wildcats in 2009

This kick gave Doug Marrone his 1st win and made many of us hopeful that Syracuse Football was back

Tommy DeVito’s pass to Ravian Pierce against the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2018

Devito came off the bench in the second half and helped the Orange avoid a three-game losing streak which could have been crushing to the team.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite game-winning plays in Syracuse Football history? Remember we’re looking for game-winning plays so yes Alec Lemon catching late-game TD’s to beat Missouri and USF are great, but they don’t exactly fit the criteria.