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Are you a Syracuse rival? Let’s find out!

We still have no idea who our rivals are at this point. So we’ll let them decide for themselves.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

You think you’re a rival of the Harvard of Central New York? Think you can handle the torch of ‘Cuse hate in the ACC Era? We’ve got a handy survey for you to take! Add up your points at the end to find out if you’re a Syracuse Orange rival!

What are your feelings towards Dino Babers?

  • Who? (1 pointt)
  • Good coach, can’t wait until he takes the USC job. (2 points)
  • That guy running a #FakeOffense that can’t cut in real games and oh my god slow down the chain gang I can’t keep up. (3 points, and enjoy retirement!)

What are your feelings towards Jim Boeheim?

  • Is he the old whiny guy? (1 point)
  • Runs a gimmick system, but he’s won a bunch so, whatever. (2 points)
  • That grandpa doesn’t know a real defense if it beat him 3 times in the NCAA Final and took him out to a non-chain restaurant. (3 points)

What are your feelings towards Dinosaur Bar-B-Que?

  • Best spot to eat when visiting Syracuse. (1 points)
  • Slightly overrated compared to barbeque in the rest of the conference. (2 points)
  • LOL, that’s cute, you think we actually step foot outside the hotel (3 points)

How do you feel when the Orange defeat you in sports?

  • Just another L to take in a season of Ls (1 point)
  • Annoyed if they’re bad. Begrudgingly accepting if they’re good. (2 points)

What do you think about Central New York?

  • Summers are great. (1 point)
  • Snow isn’t too bad if you know how to pack. (2 points)
  • The Simpsons got it right. (3 points)

Who’s your least favorite Syracuse athlete?

  • Eric Devendorf, because we’re supposed to hate him, right? (1 point)
  • Eric Dungey, because screw it, I don’t care how fun he is, we need a win. (2 points)
  • Tyus Battle, because I’m happy he came back to school and fell out of the first rounds, that’s what you get for spending another year under Jim Boeheim. (3 points, and go back to the Asylum.)

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your team vs. Syracuse?

  • We get blown out by a mediocre team and realize this ain’t the year. (1 point)
  • We face them in the Elite Eight. (2 points, Caroline.)
  • Breathing the same air as anyone wearing a Syracuse item of clothing. (3 points)

Done? Your results:

7-11 Points - Oh hey, Pitt. What’s Up.

It’s been a weird road. You don’t love the Orange, but a rival? ‘Cuse is a name on the schedule. One you see a lot. One you write an L next to a lot. But there’s no emotional attachment to this loss. You just snag a great pregame meal at Dino and head home before you’re snowed in.

12-17 Points - You Don’t Like Us, We Don’t Like You, Most of the Time

I’m assuming you’re wearing some kind of Orange here. Sure, you’ve blown huge leads in the Elite Eight, or had your quarterback knocked out on the Carrier Dome turf en route to a loss. So nine times out of 10, you don’t like the Orange and get that hate back. But for weird reasons, if the chips fall right, everyone shakes hands and says good game because of conference loyalty or nostalgia.

18-21 Points - Hey, You’re a Legit Syracuse Rival!

Let’s be real here: you probably stink at football. But man, you hate Syracuse. The color Orange repulses you. You constantly glean joy over the fact that the old man running ‘Cuse has lost more national title games than he’s won. But again: you stink at football. Hell, you probably don’t have a real football program, even if it’s in something called the American Athletic Conference (or the Patriot League)! And we have Dino Babers and are very good at Football now.

Where does your team fall? Do you disagree with the tiers above. Share your anger below.